Sunday, December 18, 2011


I contemplate
the Switch

should I go
should I go
should I be
should I be

or should I choose
and should I choose to be

something new
that I never was before
somewhere else
that I have never explored before

my future

in an eye-blink of time

who knows
what will happen
this time
when I decide to


Friday, November 25, 2011


it resonates
in every cell
in every thought
in every gesture

the power to say no
the power to say yes
the power to speak
the power to move

the power to control
the power to shape
the power to tease
the power to torment

a power exchanged
a power entrusted
a power valued
a power relinquished

power is a heady drug
power is a liberator
power is a need expressed
power is a gift

once you taste it, you want more
once you give it, you want to give more



Sunday, November 6, 2011

take it

what do you
dream of

do you
your fix
your kink

need to be
need to be

do you
dream of

the feel
of my breath
on the
of your

the touch
of my fingers
your back

the thud of
your skin

the slice of
a cane
a hot
little red
of pain

a soft kiss

the pleasure
the pain
snapping your synapses
in a never-ending

crave it
want it
beg for it

be pushed
be pulled

take that step
take it
take it all
with all the liquid need
coursing through your veins
coursing through your body
coursing through your mind

take it


Thursday, October 20, 2011

the question in your eyes

your vulnerable eyes
look up at me
with such a universe
of need
in them

take me,
your eyes say
tease me
tie me up
take me to that place
of forgetfulness
of hope and desire
of belonging and ownership
of total control

your hungry eyes
hunger for my gaze
hunger for my voice
hunger for my touch
hunger for my possession of you

your shiny eyes
so very shiny
so shiny with your
bottomless need to submit
bottomless need to serve
bottomless need to please

I gaze into your submissive eyes
as I take your hand
slowly, surely, firmly in mine
and I gently gaze down at you
as I answer:


Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Enigmatically Luscious: e[lust] #30

Welcome to e[lust] - Your source for sexual intelligence and inspirations of lust from the smartest & sexiest bloggers! Whether youre looking for hot steamy smut, thought-provoking opinions or expert information, youre going to find it here. Want to be included in e[lust] #31? Start with the rules, check out the schedule and subscribe to the RSS feed for updates!

~ This Weeks Top Three Posts ~

Crotch Topiary & Other Delights - I admit I started simple, I realised my teenage dream of having a Winona-inspired heart emblazoned on my mound. It was perfect. I used Contact paper to design my heart and just went to town pulling out every hair that was not covered.

In Defense of Exclusion - Sometimes it's nice to be with people who are like you. It's nice to be around people who get your kink, your fetish - to be somewhere that you don't have to explain it to.

The Boy At Summer Camp - It started with an email with the subject line butch at your service, and an offer for a blow job. And I thought, hm. Well, you know, I do like those. But Im not usually attracted to boys.

~ e[lust] Editress ~

Ask Lilly: "My sex toy stinks - what should I do?" - Would you put it in your mouth with that smell? Would you gag from the smell and taste? If yes, then why the hell put it in your vagina or ass??

~ Featured Post (Lillys Pick) ~

A Day At The Circus

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Erotic Writing

A Long Hot Weekend
A night time walk
A Summer Honeymoon
Blithely Sauntering
Cleaning Up
Ep 2: One Last Time
Full Frontal Nerdity
Get ready for take off...
Hear this
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Le Glamour, the best swing club experience ever
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Kink & Fetish

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crunk ****************MY POST***********************
Having Respect for Dominants
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Spider silk
Those inside-out, head-exploding orgasms
To Munch Or Not To Munch?

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Not all conclusions are easy to come by
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Why I Love Sex (In That 70's Show)

Sex News, Interviews, Politics & Humor

Internet Drag
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The Curses of the Scarlet Woman
Things I Looove Thursday

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

the unexpected

one day
out of the blue
when you least expect it

you suddenly hear
a whisper in your ear
two words
“payback time”



Sunday, September 18, 2011


*this poem was inspired by my friend Florence T’s tasty Baking Beats :)


oh girl
were you crunk
to the nth degree

body blocking
the air
in beyond crazy

you framed it
you tamed it
you smashed it to bits

slam it
slam it
slam it
oh so ferocious
oh so fierce

baby don’t stop

you know instinctively
how to move
how to float
how to drive that groove

crunk it
oh you crunk it
oh you drunk it
down to the dregs baby

you twisted the tension
right off the top
you zapped it
you rapped it
you capped it
beyond high baby

you are the tippiest top
you do that body bop
funk it, you do
crunk it some more, you do

slam it home

you bring the shine home
to midnight
you dazzle the mirror balls
off the disco
oh how you go

crunk it, baby

Friday, September 16, 2011

Fetish Party News from Skin Two‏

Hello My Kinky Friends!

I like looking at what kinky events are happening around the world sometimes. You`ll find a complete list on my Enigmatic Angel Lists companion blog.

One of the mailing lists I`m on is Skin Two Magazine. They have lots of tasty eye candy but also have great listings for events around the world.

So check out their latest list!

Kinky kisses,
Angel :)


Fetish Party News from Skin Two‏
Upcoming Events for Your Diary

Saturday September 17th, London: Club RUB
Back to sexy schooldays at Club RUB on Saturday, from 10:30 ‘til 4:30 am. London’s friendly fetish social/dance club, with dungeon, grope corridor, Singapore sling and harem den.Venue is Protocol (part of the FIRE complex), 6a South Lambeth Place, Vauxhall, London SW8 1SP

Saturday September 24th, Dunstable: Skin Two at Arousal
We’ve been to Arousal, the friendly alternative sex club, a few times and we love it. The venue is famous for their swinger nights, and it’s perfect for BDSM/fetish too, with dungeon equipment, a dance area and lots of dark corners to get naughty in. So we’re having a party there on Saturday 24th, with entertainment, dominatrixes, DJ and more.
• Dungeon Mistress is the fabulous Ms Rebekka Raynor - see her here
• There’s an erotic cabaret by Paisley X, one of Europe's leading alternative performers. Born in Zimbabwe and trained in Paris at the famous Jacque Le Coq Theatre School and Annie Fratallini Circus School, Paisley X then studied mime, mask work and movement in London. Check the video of her striking performance at Chelsea Flower Show (!) on her website at
• Traditional Japanese rope bondage is one of the most thoughtful and sophisticated ways to enjoy your sexuality with your partner and Ropselut and his Muse show you how very cool and attractive it can be. You only have to watch them to want to try it for yourself. See more of them here
• Eliza-Beth is one of the newest fetish models on the scene, having appeared on the fetish catwalk in Europe earlier this year at Fetish Evolution in Essen, Germany. Eliza-Beth has modelled for Ardita and Lady Oops, and now makes her UK performance debut with Skin Two at Arousal, with a fetish magic show. See Eliza-Beth here

You must bring your own booze, which keeps the cost right down. Don’t bring mixers though: these are sold at Arousal at only £7 per couple /£5 per single person – that’s for the whole night! Soft drinks are mostly only £1, apart from Red Bull at £2. So it’s really an economical night of fun.

Arousal is ideally situated off the main A5, north of Dunstable, only 15 minutes and 15 miles from M25-M1 junction. Find it on your satnav or Googlemaps at LU6 1LW. For full directions, print off the page here

There are several reasonably priced hotels nearby, or you are welcome to bring a sleeping bag and sleep at the club (which means the fun can last ’till morning.) Hours:10:00 pm ’til morning, with doors closed at 12:30. Fetish dress is encouraged, although all black is OK. (Black dress and high heels very much OK, in fact.)

Advance tickets to Skin Two at Arousal are only £15. (Admission on the door will be more.) Get your tickets now here Print out your receipt and bring it along on the night – that’s your entry ticket.

If you'd like to know more, just mail me at

Saturday September 24th, Lyon, France: Bal des Supplices The lovely city of Lyon is home to this major event - performers include Rack Framboise and Suka Off, fashion shows include Jane Doe Latex and Torture Garden. Maîtresse Salem from Fetish Project in Brussels is Dungeon Mistress. There’s a fetish market from 2pm to 7pm (actually the first fetish market in France!) and the Bal des Supplices from 10 pm to 5 am. at Ninkasi Kao, 267 rue Marcel Merieux, 69007 Lyon. (Metro line B, Gerland stop)

Friday 30th September - 2nd October: London Fetish Weekend Six events across one London weekend, including Pedestal (femdom club), Fetish Film Friday (showing the new film, Mistress Superior), London Alternative Market, Torture Garden, Rope & Roast (Sunday lunch and a rope workshop) and Club Subversion (play party). Details at -

Saturday October 1st, Detroit Erotica Ball
This is the fifth annual celebration of Detroit’s fetish community, with live performers, dance troupes, fashion shows and complimentary midnight buffet. Venue: Bert's Warehouse Theatre, 2739 Russell St., Detroit, Michigan 48207.

Saturday October 8th, Devon: Extremm
Extremm is on the second Saturday of each month, in a secluded location in the Devon countryside, from 6 pm until next day. I was at their last party (where they raised £1,520 for charity with a fetish auction) and I had a great time. On the 8th, it’s a Zombie Apocalypse theme, but you’re welcome to wear any of your favorite fetish gear. There’s plenty of dungeon equipment and a friendly atmosphere, overseen by the lovely Miz Behave.

Sunday October 9th, Washington DC: Cirque
DC Fetish Ball and Metro Underground present some of the fetish scene’s best DJs, models, fashion and entertainment, with a super dungeon playspace. Three levels, with fashion shows by Passional and Slyx, top dungeon Mistresses, rope, fire and violet wand demos and a hist of DJs in separate spaces. Venue: The Ultrabar, 911 F Street, Washington DC, from 9pm.

Sunday October 9th, South Beach, Miami: Submission
Submission will be celebrating its 1st anniversary with an all out kinky bang at Dream nightclub on South Beach. A night of live erotic performances by international fetish performer Rubberdoll and the sexy Submission entertainers Blazed Beauty, Isabella Debi, Trinkette and Talea. Dark decadent beats will be spun by DJ Danny Bled alongside DJ Dracula's Daughter. Equipped dungeon courtesy of Smoke and Shibari performances by Erebus of GuerrillaShibari. This night of all out debauchery will be hosted by the deadly La Gata Negra. NO street wear. Entrance is $20 at the door, $10 if you RSVP in advance before the day of the party. Must be 21 & over. Facebook

October 12th-19th, Tampa: Domme Trips
Play 24/7 for three nights up to seven nights (!) at Club Caliente resort in Tampa, Florida. Pool, waterfall, outdoor BBQ, dungeon, nightclub, restaurants, spa, pool tables, etc.

Saturday October 15th, Paris: Démonia
The famous Paris event is at a new location this year. It’s from 8pm right through to 5.30 am and you can get dinner before the shows, which run from 10pm to midnight. Venue is Le Petit Domaine, Route de la Pyramide, 75012 Paris (Metro: Chateau de Vincennes, line 1). Full information here:

Friday October 16th - 16th, Barcelona: Alex Cobra Whip Wielding Weekend
Whipmaster Alex Cobra will be running an intensive workshop, covering all aspects of single tails, bullwhips, floggers, etc. This is an exclusive event organised by the highly successful Barcelona Fetish Weekend and being held at 'El Kastillo de Kink.' 15mins from downtown Barcelona. For details, go here

Saturday October 22nd, London: The Gate
Master Keith’s Vampire Fascination party. Leather gynie chair, tilting bondage table, puppy cage on wheels, spanking benches, St Andrews crosses, suspension frame, sticks and thrones + more to play with. Custom, colour matched fangs made for you by Fangsmith Robbie Drake. From 9.30 pm to 4am at the Resistance Gallery, 265 Poyser St, E2 9RF. For couples arriving between 9.30pm and 10.30pm entry will be £15.00 per couple. From 10.30pm onwards entry £20.00 per couple. Singles anytime £10.00 per person.

Skin Two Halloween Ball: October 28th - 30th
Don’t miss this - we’re at a super new venue on the A1, in the Bedfordshire countryside for 3-day Halloween programme...

• Skin Two Femdom Play Party on Friday 28th, featuring top dominatrixes, including The Hunteress, Lady Bellatrix Miz Behave of Club Extremm, Sidonia von Bork of The English Mansion, Lady Samantha and more.

• Skin Two Halloween Ball on Saturday 29th, featuring...
Deviant UK live on stage
Dungeon hosted by Mistress Rebekka Raynor
Erotic cabaret by Paisley X
Burlesque from Lottie Kixx
Body painting by Boudicca Blue
Bondage performance by Ropeslut and his Muse,
Photography by Helena Eloise, etc., etc

• Skin Two Burlesque on Sunday 30th, more demos, performances and fun in the dungeon. High tea with cakes, sandwiches, tea & coffee available in the afternoon!

Outline information is online now, with much more to come, see Tickets are on sale now at

Friday October 28th, London: AntiChrist
Vince Ray and the Boneshakers are topping the bill at AntiChrist’s Halloween Ball, together with SexOr, the bellydancer from hell, Vince Ripper and the Rodent Show, Al B. Damned and John Drain’s delta blues band. The theme is Rock n Roll Voodoo, there are over 90 prizes in the raffle (all ticket holders are entered), there are 7 themed rooms and 10m hours of live music, performers, DJs and deviance.
There’s a dungeon of course and all kinds of other devilish stuff going on. Venue is Club Colosseum, 1 Nine Elms Lane, Vauxhall, SW8 5NQ. Doors - 8pm to 3am / Club Close - 6am / Bar happy hour til 11pm! Limited early bird tickets £19 for singles (usually £23 adv. / £28 door) and £36 for couples (usually £38 adv.)

Friday October 28th, London: Torture Garden Halloween
TG’s 'Masque of the Red Death' party features cabaret from Eastend Cabaret, Joe Black, Vivid Angel, Ginger Synne (Berlin) and Missy Macabre. Exotic and weird cabaret room, electro and D&B dance floor. Fully themed throughout. Couples’ playroom, dungeon, full DJ lineup. Venue: St. Matthews Peace Garden, Brixton, London, SW2 1JF. 10 pm ‘til 6am. Adv Tickets: £25 TG members / £30 non members, On the Door: £28 TG members / £35 non members, Weekend tickets: £50 TG members / £60 non members.

Saturday October 29th, Fort Lauderdale, FL: Fetish Factory Halloween Fetish Ball
Fetish Factory is North America’s largest regular fetish club and their Halloween Ball is at Exit 66, right on Fort Lauderdale beach at 219 S Ft Lauderdale Beach Blvd (enter from rear in Banyard St). This is a very spacious venue, with several different zones, each with its own DJs. vibe and decor. Bar open all night until 4am. Full lineup of performers, including Mosh, Tana Karo, Fir by the Palm, etc. Tickets on sale now at the Fetish Factory store, 855 E Oakland Park Blvd, tel 954 563 5777.

Saturday October 29th, Las Vegas: Fetish & Fantasy Halloween Ball
The 16th annual Fetish & Fantasy Halloween Ball has moved to a bigger venue, South Point Hotel & Casino. Performers include Voodoo Carnivale, Scandalesque, Sex & Metal, Mechanical Banana, Freaky Stilters and many more. Details here -

Saturday November 5th, Amsterdam: Boudoir Bizarre Halloween
Fetish theatre, starring Black Xtreme, The Mad Saints, Mrs Madianne, The Bloodsquad, Kitty Catafalque. Dance areas, playrooms, absinthe & champagne bar. Venue: Silverstone, Weerenwerg 21, Zwanenburg (15 min. from Amsterdam - All night ShuttleService to and from Amsterdam Sloterdijk.) Tickets: € 30.00 pre-sale, € 35.00 at the door.

February 17th - 19th, Los Angeles: LA Fetish Ball Weekend
Three days of fetish fun, fashion,dance, performance and play.

April 13th -15th, Barcelona Fetish Weekend 2012
BFW was great last time – a programme of excellent kink events in this lovely city makes a perfect pervy weekend break. I’ll be there again for sure in 2012. Get it into your diary now - details at

Fetish News

Get the New Skin Two Magazine, issue 62
We are working on the new issue of Skin Two magazine, number 62, now, with a report on everything that’s happening around the fetish world and loads of latex fashion from Los Angeles, Paris and London. There’s a big feature on the fetish scene in Australia and some lovely pervy art and photography. I think you’ll love it!

For those who don’t have Skin Two magazine on their coffee table, it’s the leading 100-page glossy fetish magazine, designed to the highest standard, established since 1984 – a labour of pervy love.

Skin Two magazine costs £10. Shipping is FREE in the UK, £3 in Europe and £5 for the USA and rest of the world via airmail. The current issue, Skin Two 61 is still available, too. Order from our retail distributors, Libertinesque, at

Honour’s New Look
One of London’s essential fetish sights is the famous Honour store beside Waterloo station, established for 23 years, no less! They have recently had a full re-fit, so drop in and check out the new look. You can find directions here

Want to play in the afternoon?
The excellent Hellfire Club in Sunbury, on the West side of London, not far from Heathrow, is opening on Wednesday afternoons for ‘Brief Encounter’ parties, from 3 pm through to 11pm. This is a great opportunity to play in the daytime. Hellfire also runs a full programme of other alt sex parties, see

Male Subs Wanted by FemDom Films are looking for a few reliable submissive males for a film with a beautiful TS girl. You need to be between 21 and 48 and have either a current passport or drivers license (for ID). You will get a health certificate (they will tell you how) and you won’t get paid. (It will be quite an experience though!) Get details from Marina James at

Richmond BDSM
Do you live near Richmond, in South-West London? If so, join my pervy neighbours, the friendly fetish people at Richmond BDSM. The next munch is on Monday 26th September - see you there.

Any Questions?
Get back to me any time at


If you run a fetish business, you can list free of charge on the Skin Two Directory at

Please link back to us – put one of these banners on your website

Monday, September 12, 2011

Enigmatically Luscious: e[lust] #29

Welcome to e[lust] - Your source for sexual intelligence and inspirations of lust from the smartest & sexiest bloggers! Whether you’re looking for hot steamy smut, thought-provoking opinions or expert information, you’re going to find it here. Want to be included in e[lust] #30? Start with the rules, check out the schedule and subscribe to the RSS feed for updates!

~ This Week’s Top Three Posts ~

Evidence To The ContraryIf anyone out there ever tries to tell you that internet relationships and friendships are not real, point them in my direction and I will happily set them straight on the matter because I have proof, in fact I am proof, that they know not what they speak of.

Open Marriages Don’t Work….- The only way I would agree with that statement is if you add: …..if you’re marriage already has problems. But even that part is not universally true.

Love in the Age of Broadband - What happened to our ability to keep it casual? Why would we attach ourselves to someone who is (often) hundreds, if not thousands, of miles away? And, more to the point, why would we attach ourselves to someone we have never met?

~ e[lust] Editress ~

Ask Lilly – Open and Polyamorous: Why be married at all?

~ Featured Post (Lilly’s Pick) ~

My apologies, everyone, since submissions closed I’ve been 100% consumed with personal family tragedy (the flooding in Central PA) so I didn’t have time to read most of the entries this time or find a photo. The html code might contain a lot of blank lines for some of you, I didn’t have time to “clean” it up, either, just throw up what I have.

All blogs that have a submission in this edition must re-post this digest from tip-to-toe on their blogs within 7 days. Re-posting the photo is optional and the use of the “read more…” tag is allowable after this point. Thank you, and enjoy!

Thoughts & Advice on Sex & Relationships

Ask Aunty Dee: Dental Dams
born this way…
Clit Truth
Condoms and Size
Lies & Infidelities
Misguided Dominance
Poly Language
Return to Decadence
Step Inside My Head
Who was the first person you told..
When Bad Things Happen To Good People – Warning Bells

Sex News, Interviews, Politics & Humor

To Be Out Or Not To Be Out
Want Sado-Erotic Horror Movies? Yes please! Films by Matthew Saliba
What I’ve Learned From E[Lust]

Kink & Fetish

A Much Needed Distraction
Another drink?
Facing Fear
Negotiation Win

Erotic Writing

As Long As It Lasts
Asking For It
Blow Job
Debra’s Gift
June’s Caning
Please, Please, Please, Sir
Showers and Strawberries
slick *****************MY POST******************************
The Visitor
The Play Fight

Thursday, September 1, 2011

a naked back

the line of your back
curves underneath
my exploring fingertips

here, a blank canvas
to be painted on
that naked expanse
of vulnerable skin

what will I do with it
you whisper
with a half-held breath

my only answer
a laugh
soft and low
in your ear
it makes you shudder
in response
I can feel you
as I continue to explore
your back

my fingertips
barely barely barely
touch the skin
as I trail my fingertips
down that
squirming line of flesh
almost not touching
your sensitive skin
just enough
just enough
to ignite and awaken
your back’s very sensitive
nerve endings

down down down
my fingers go
oh so lightly brushing
the trail of skin
your uneven breath
and a soft moan
tell me just how much
this light torture
affects you, excites you

for a moment
I stop
and just stand there
behind you
you can feel the heat
of my body
disturbing the air
around you
almost close enough
to touch
but not quite

and then
I trace a circle
around that sensitive spot
just below
the back of your neck
claiming the mark
tattooed there
the mark of infinity
and infinite possibilities
just as
in this moment
there are infinite possibilities
for what I may
choose to do
with that naked canvas
of your back

you want to know
oh you want to know
so badly
I can feel just how much
you crave to know
what I will do

but a wicked smile
curves my lips
as I whisper
“you’ll find out”

ah but only when
I am ready
to reveal my plans

for now
you remain
facing against the wall
hands above your head
legs spread wide
posed there for
my meticulous & careful inspection
posed for my pleasure

oh yes
you’ll find out

only when I decide
to claim that canvas
for my


Sunday, August 28, 2011

sweet caramel

she had
the creamiest skin
the colour of mocha caramel
such tasty skin

she looked at me
with those liquid dark eyes
and shyly asked
“May i…?”

I looked back at her
with a knowing smile
as I replied
“yes you may”

oh yes
you may
and may do
many other wonderful things….


Saturday, August 20, 2011

say it

say it
say what you mean

your face
tells the untold story
writ large
on your unguarded expression

your eyes shine
with a profound need
your body shivers
with an aching desire
your hands tremble
with endless unexpressed emotion

you try to look away
but you can`t
you just sit there
so vulnerable
so helpless

say it

you know you want it
you know you crave it
you know you need it

say it

give it all up
say what is still unspoken

say it
say please.


Thursday, August 18, 2011


your fragrance
on the wind
teases my senses

in my mind
i imagine
tasting it
off your skin.


Tuesday, August 9, 2011

My Enigmatic Love Affair with The Phantom of The Opera: From Broadway to Fantasia

Welcome to my 3D review of The Phantom of The Opera!

It’s 3D not because you have to wear funny glasses to read it (but go ahead and put them on if you wish. I promise not to laugh. Too much. )

It’s 3D because I will be taking into 3 different dimensions:
• The Phantom of The Opera, the film, show, and work of art
• The BDSM undertones of the story (and there are many)
• My own personal connection to The Phantom,
which has spanned over a decade.

Modern Day, a few days back, Montreal.

The scene was the magnificent setting of Place des Arts. In a special partnership between The Fantasia International Film Festival & the Cinémathèque québecoise, a special pristine print of Rupert Julian’s The Phantom of the Opera (1925/29), was shown & accompanied by a 30 person orchestra directed by Gabriel Thibaudeau. Gabriel Thibaudeau, composer, conductor, and pianist for the Cinémathèque québécoise, created a glorious, thunderously compelling musical accompaniment to this beautiful classic silent film.

I had won two tickets to see this special version of The Phantom of The Opera and I was accompanied by my friend, the lovely LustyLuscious. I was very happy to have such good company for this Fantasia event and happy to have a fellow kinkster share my Phantom experience, for the first time. Particularly since my own journey with The Phantom over the years has been a solitary one. More about that later.

The fantastic music Thibaudeau created turned this cinematic event into an unforgettable night. The crowd jumped to their feet in unending applause for his wonderful achievement, and I was among the packed crowd of thrilled Fantasia movie goers. He captured the signature organ accent for the movie, along with a host of perfectly suited musical accents to accentuate the silent film’s dramatic moments.

As for the film itself, the highlight of the film was the creative genius of Lon Chaney’s acting. Yes, he did not disappoint with one of his very original & creative monstrous physical disguises as The Phantom, but his acting also featured such a heart-breaking humanity from a monster who loved and craved love so very much.

Mary Philbin, played a wonderfully over the top portrayal of The Phantom’s muse, Christine Daae. To my eyes, she physically resembled Celine Dion a little, and I could picture her thumping her chest in true Celine fashion as well. lol

Like most classic silent films, the film had many comic highlights. Such as the lurking, looming fez-wearing Inspector Ledoux, of the Paris Secret Police. Aren’t the Secret Police supposed to be, well secret and hide in the shadows? If you want to blend into the shadows, maybe you shouldn’t wear a fez so that you stick out from the crowd.

And a particularly hilarious moment was when Ledoux led Christine’s lover, the Vicomte de Chagny into the secret tunnels of the opera house, to save Christine from the Phantom’s grasp. Ledoux told Chagny they must hold a hand above their heads to ward against the Phantom’s noose, as he was wont to strangle those who opposed him. So the two of them crept along with a hand above their heads, which looked so much like the classic Bollywood “screwing in the lighbulb” move. Rather appropriate since The Phantom’s rope strangling was declared to be Indian. “Beware The Punjab Lasso!” we were told. I got a furious attack of the giggles suddenly, when I picture the silent film turning into a Bollywood spectacle all of a sudden. Too funny.

Altogether, this cinematic Phantom event was a triumphant success, for the whole Fantasia crowd, and for me, on a personal level.

For me, this was the second time I saw The Phantom immortalized on the big screen.

Fact is, I am quite a Phantom fan, and I have followed The Phantom of The Opera for a long, long time.

Flash-back to the end of 1997, Montreal.

After years of BDSM fantasizing, in 1997 I finally found someone to play with in real-time and real life. My Master. My very own Phantom.

One day, I was told to find and study the soundtrack to Webber’s Phantom of The Opera. Just the music. I was told to pay particular attention to the words of the songs, and the message of the music itself, and in particular told to study The Music of the Night. This soundtrack to the Broadway version was then used in my training and my lessons, as a submissive. I became my Master’s muse and his discovery. He discovered that I had a talent, not for singing like, Christine Daae, but for writing. My Master was the one who first encouraged me to write in the BDSM vein. For him, I composed stories and poetry. And I kept a journal for my journey with him, for his amusement and entertainment. My very first BDSM blog!

When I went to choose a soundtrack to Webber’s Phantom of The Opera to use, I did some research before I chose a version. I picked the version that was most acclaimed by critics, and what was the best one to my ear. It featured Michael Crawford and a very young Sarah Brightman. To my ear, Michael Crawford’s rendition of The Phantom was the most talented. His voice, when speaking or singing as The Phantom, was a gloriously full-bodied elegant and seductive one. I loved listening to him.

And as for Sarah Brightman, well…I felt a connection to her in so many ways. First of all, she was Andrew Lloyd Webber’s muse and discovery. He created The Phantom as a vehicle to feature her vocal talent. She was a young ingénue, who played a young ingénue. You can see so many parallels in the relationship between Andrew Lloyd Webber & Sarah Brightman, and The Phantom with Christine Daae.

And my own relationship with my Master mirrored that Creator/muse relationship pattern as well.

Flash-forward to some time after, the venue is New York and Broadway.

One day, I found myself in a weekend away in New York, with friends. Webber’s Phantom of The Opera was at the end of its run and I was bound & determined to see this story live, that had meant so much to me on my BDSM journey.

One of my friends & I had the incredible luck to nab 2 most excellent and reasonably priced tickets to this immortal Broadway classic. The only problem was that the seats were miles apart, with the whole theatre between us. But we agreed and went to the show.

In a sea of strangers in New York, I was bowled over by the gorgeous storm of The Phantom brought to life on the Broadway stage. And as I watched, I was bowled over by an unexpected storm of emotions that the show brought out of me. I sat there with tears tracking down my face as I thought of my own Phantom and wished with all my heart I could share this moment with him. I was incredibly happy and sad at the same time. It was an unforgettable moment in my life and BDSM journey.

Flash-forward to 2004, Montreal.

Time for me to finally see The Phantom on the big screen. I eagerly attended a showing of The Phantom of The Opera featuring the talents of Gerard Butler. The critics were not kind. They blasted Butler for his less than stellar singing talent. But I thought that was highly unfair. Of course one knew he was no Michael Crawford. But he did a very good job of acting as The Phantom, illustrating the Phantom’s heartbreak quite well. And well the added bonus was that Gerard Butler is a gorgeous man. So he played quite a Sexy Beast, I thought. I was content with my Phantom film fix.

The Phantom & The BDSM

Phantom of The Opera is indeed a twist on the classic Beauty and The Beast scenario. Alas, the beauty does not choose beast in the end, but chooses her other lover. Of course I always wished the beauty would choose the poor, yearning beast.

You can see so many BDSM elements in the story line. We have the Master and the one who serves his will. The Phantom is the Master of his domain, the Paris Opera House. Those who oppose him are swiftly punished. We even have dungeons at the bottom of the Opera House, and a torture room, in the room of mirrors that we see in the Lon Chaney silent film version. I couldn’t help but notice all the rope lying around in this movie version as well. And there are lots & lots of role-playing in the story, since the story features actors and acting of roles.

For myself, there is even an Angel in the story. The Angel of Music. See Andrew Lloyd Webber’s version. And my Master is the first one to call me Angel. You can read about the roots of my name here.

As for my Master being my Phantom. Ah well. You will find very true traces of my Master in this blog. So he is a Phantom here as well, of sorts.

And all that is about why I love and will always love The Phantom of The Opera.

Kinky kisses,
Angel :)

Thursday, August 4, 2011


you dream of it
of being owned
the devastating totality of it
the complete craving to give all of yourself

sometimes at night
your mind body and soul stir restlessly
with this need to be owned
you wonder and hope it can be true
beyond your deepest darkest roughest most sublime fantasies

some days
you want to be owned so much
You cry with the unfulfilled need that threatens to swamp
all of your feelings thoughts and sensations

oh you so want it to be true
oh you so want it to come true

you want that chance to fly
with ultimate trust
to be cradled in the Other’s arms
knowing they will
always be there to catch you
always be there to push you
always be there to nurture you
always be there to appreciate your gift

you crave
The One
The Master The Mistress
The Owner

who will make you shine
who will respect you and your gift
who will bring you to heights
you never dreamed possible

you dream of being owned


Saturday, July 30, 2011


she was sweet and silky
he was angry heat

for one moment
they slammed together

he drank from her lips
until she desperately plunged up for air

but she wanted more
and she went back for more

she liked it
when he hurt her
he gave her that dizzy taste
of that good good deep pain
made her body curve up
in one taut bow
while he pushed her and pushed and pushed her
and finally
he let her have her release
and she floated away
up away from him
while still in his arms

he pulled her hair back tight
away from her face
as he stared down into her eyes
his unreadable eyes
his silent mouth
as tears tracked their way
down her face
and she sobbed with her endless need
she couldn’t help it
she found herself washed away in a river of desire and pain
until the waters mixed so much she didn’t know
which was the pain and which was the desire any more
but at that point
she didn’t care any more
she just wanted it
she just needed it
she just wanted more of that heady fix

he made her beg
again and again and again
and still he wasn’t satisfied
his will was relentless
crushing her body crushing her spirit
shaping her into something brand new
with his cruel knowing hands
he knew what she really wanted
and he gave it to her
even when she protested it was too much
she couldn’t take feeling so much
she couldn’t take shaking so much with her need

through the night they continued
until they were drenched with sweat and boneless

finally he slapped her
as she came
and then
he smiled
as he whispered
my love my love my love
and finally
let himself go
as well.


*This poem was inspired by Eminem - Love The Way You Lie ft. Rihanna

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Enigmatically Luscious: e[lust] #28

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~ This Week’s Top Three Posts ~

What makes me a woman? - It’s a stumper, this question. There must be something that makes me a woman. Something more than how I am perceived by others as I walk down the street. But what is the answer?

Baggage: An Inventory - Everyone brings bags with them. My goal is to carry my own bags. I’ll let people help me shed them, but I will never let them carry them. Those bags are my own to, well, own.

There's pain and then there's pain (and then there's pain) -Part of what I crave in the second type of pain is the selfish sadism of the partner who continues despite my pleas. He does it because it arouses him, and he does it because I'll endure it for him.

~ Featured Post (Lilly’s Pick) ~

What Is Gender? - Playing with dolls and preferring the color pink doesn’t make you a girl anymore than chewing on a bone makes you my dog.

~ e[lust] Editress: Dangerous Lilly ~

Sex Toys: Single or Partnered, there is no shame in owning them - There’s no fucking shame in owning your sexuality, in taking control of your own damn orgasm. Can you PREFER human contact and partnered sex to sex toys? Sure. You can prefer whatever the fuck you want. But don’t insinuate to me that owning a lot of sex toys is somehow bad or shameful.

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Tuesday, July 26, 2011


slick flesh
the heavy heat
turned them
slippery with need

they licked
the salt
off each other’s bodies
chased by a body shot
of tequila
or two

it was
thirty two freaking degrees
hotter than hell
as they explored
the musky swamp
of their desires

hellish pain
hellish pleasure
they tasted it all
pushing past
the sweat the salt
playing in slow motion
leaving a trail of toys
scattered here and there
a golden peacock feather
a velvety black flogger
and a few things
that pinched and cut

until the musky heat
overcame them
and they headed
in search of coolness

the blessed cold shock
of the shower
drenched them
revived them in cool relief

one voice said
is this what you want
and this
and this

each word punctuated
by the slap of flesh
rhythmic thuds
as one hand
braced against
the wet gleaming tiles
and one hand
snarled inside
a wet mane of hair
pulled tight

and one voice said

they emerged
naked wet flesh
still dripping

they made it to the bed
where they collapsed
limbs carelessly entwined
around each other
drowsing in the heat
with an occasional
pinch of a nipple
and lazy spank
of an already rosy cheek

the humid mugginess
in the air
kissed them to sleep
where they dreamed
their bodies still
affectionally wrapped
around each other

they fell asleep,
still slick.


the devil you know

take me to heaven
take me to hell
it doesn’t matter where

you turn my bones
to water
you turn my flesh
to mud

i want to get
dirty with you
bring me down down down
down to my knees
bring me up up up
to that
floating cloud
of your high

twist me turn me
it’s all
junk and treasure
the merry go round
of your will
spins me out
spins me where
you care to go

oh you shine
wicked and wet
you draw the moonlight
into the dark heart
of your midnight soul

*sympathy for the devil
you laugh
as the music plays
you just know
the slip and slide
of your magic hands
will get you in

crazy good
crazy bad
it don’t make a difference
you and your
addictive touch
oh don’t do that
or that
or that
too late
you’re like a
madness in the blood
you percolate
all my senses

you don’t rhyme
you don’t reason
you don’t give a damn
you just shrug
with a wink
slip back into
the night

leaving that fleeting taste
of heaven
and hell

crazy fool
come back

it’s late
it’s too late

you go back
to the shadows
you came from.


* Sympathy For The Devil, by The Rolling Stones

the pain of my writing (let it bleed)

baby, bleed
he said

he told me once
or a million times
(half jokingly, half not)
that i should suffer
all the time
because of the
quality of my writing
when i was
in pain

i looked at him
the last time
he said that to me
and as I looked at him
i found myself
*staring into an Abyss
and the Abyss
stared back at me

ever so quietly
and gently
i replied:


* “When you stare into the abyss the abyss stares back at you.”
- Friedrich Nietzsche

Thursday, April 21, 2011



we are all freaks
getting our freak on
whatever groove
whatever flavour
whatever kink
we are what we are

taste it
love to it
move to it

there is no right or wrong
there is no up or down
there is just what was meant to be
there is just what we were meant to see

the slick the rubbery the decadent
whatever and wherever it takes you
it’s all good
it’s all bad
and it’s you and me and everyone
daring to try
daring to flash
daring to differ
daring to slip and slide into the dark side and then some

we are all freaks
born this way.


Sometimes when I write, I have a soundtrack playing inside or outside my head.

This poem was inspired by La Gaga's latest freaky offering,
Born This Way. :)

spring distraction

all the girls
with their long, long silky bare legs
and their spiky, spiky heels

how they do

Tuesday, April 12, 2011



oh it needs to be scratched
and teased
and ignored
and laughed at
and played with
and left to throb
and every so slowly eased

your itch
my itch
touch it touch it touch it

you know it, baby.


Tuesday, March 29, 2011

her story

strong and vulnerable
lilith and eve
her fragility
called to me

she had a story
as everyone has a story

so exotic yet familiar

the hills and valleys
the rock and the hard place
scylla and charybdis
the highs and the lows
the flavours and the spices
the loves won and the loves lost
the wisdom gained and the lessons learned

her tale slowly unfurled
exquisitely rich
brightly delicate
grounded and earthy

and i listened,


Monday, March 28, 2011

Enigmatically Luscious: e[lust] #24

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The Scent of a Woman (Or How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love my Snatch): Years back, during a scene, I had my dominant lean in and whisper lasciviously that he could “smell my wet pussy” and I started to cry.

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Two Fantasies in One: The sexting progressed from just spanking and fingering to fingering both my holes, to slipping a butt plug in to punish me for being a naughty girl. By the time Tuesday came around we were both very horny and on edge to get together.

~ e[lust] Editress ~

Ethics in Blogging: Ethics don’t always equal human kindness/respect for others. You can be a snarky, grumpy shit-stirrer but still be ethical. You can be sweet as pie on the outside and be unethical.

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Wet Wednesday

Sunday, March 27, 2011


the brush of long fingers
across the curve
of a cheek

a pensive, measuring gaze
peering deep
into the soul

the tucking away
of an errant curl
behind a naked, vulnerable ear

small minute adjustments
of silky ties
that bind

the moving of a hand
or a foot
just so
of a body
carefully displayed

a quiet command
voiced in an ear
sparse in words
rich in content

a simple blindfold
and received
without one word

elegant things
elegant possibilities



Thursday, March 24, 2011



blessed it was
my spirit and yours
intertwined and filled with the light

we floated up and out
in that elsewhere
of no mind
where energy transforms into
a new creation, tenuous and baby soft

that space where we celebrate
with our bodies
in that dance of the divine
the divine within, the divine without

worshipping each other
slowly and lingeringly
a leisurely banquet of sense memory

oh we go
we go out
we go beyond
we go higher and higher
beyond thoughts of sky and flesh
flesh melds into flesh
words blur into one
the white welcomes our embrace

we shine with the white light
our desires create
the light takes us up and out
to the yonder of our sensual dreams
beyond notions of up and down

sacred our touch is
as we explore each other
tenderly caressing, achingly full and feather light

sacred our dance is
as we embrace the music
the drumbeats of our hearts create

sacred, your touch, my touch
we bless this time and space
with our joining and union of flesh and spirit

oh bliss, bliss of our desires becoming beyond desire
the blessed earth beneath us
the blessed sky above us
the blessed tangle of our limbs

we breathe in the sacred
we live the sacred
we create the sacred

and oh
and oh
oh my oh my
my sacred twinned self
you bless me with this moment

you, my bliss, my blissful muse
in this sensually loving sacred space.

you and i
sacred souls
in our sacredly created space.


Switching Tides, Part Deux

the waters rise
diverging waves crash upon each other
as i drift between, above and below, and inside out
all the sides of passion
all the sides of pain
all the faces of the Dominant
all the faces of the submissive
all the faces of the inquisitive Switch

the tart
the temptress
the playful kinkster
the unforgiving Mistress
the equal opportunity explorer who dabbles
with all tempting male and female flesh

she i am
she i become
she who swims the switching tides
in one given moment
all at once and then some

everything is familiar and still new

but what do i choose

i choose and i choose and i choose again
to sample them all
and let the tides bring me
wherever my liquid ever-evolving pleasures take me

i swim between all the shores,



*you tumbled from the sky

dressed in moonlight
and the stars

bringing with you such things
wicked things
teasing things
promising things
twisted things
all the things
you wrapped around me

gently, cruelly, softly, darkly
your midnight eyes gleamed

as you wound your spell

and i

i simply



*the line "you tumbled from the sky" was inspired by the opening line of a poem by finbar, The Cruelty Of My Heart.


you called it

the electric current
that sizzled
between us

we zapped each other’s
neurons and synapses
and every single other
pleasure center

oh yes
we connected each other’s dots
we did
over and over and over again

it was so unexpected
there was no build up
there was no slow building of fire


it exploded
white hot
so hot so hot so hot

the minute
you looked
into my eyes

you literally jumped
in your skin
when you looked at me

we were both that startled

and how could i know
because i did know
oh i sure knew
the electricity would jump
between us
with just one look

we didn’t just meet
we collided
white suns smashing into each other
we crashed
we thrashed
we smashed through
all the usual barriers
that just melted away

it was so raw
and crazy
and cataclysmic
and i loved every
white hot wet musky wild primal
moment of it

i consumed you
and you consumed me

and baby,
i can taste it

that mind numbingly addictive slick
when i met you
and you met me
and we
tasted that one long moment

it was


Wednesday, March 9, 2011


i hurt
with my wanting
of you

a pain i welcome
a pain i treasure
a pain i rock deep
into my soul

my desire for you
is not pure
is not an immaculate sheet
is not just made of light
it’s raw and harsh and demanding
it’s gritty and unbearably sharp
it’s hot lava out of control

i ride these waves
roll and am ambushed
rocked and shocked
consumed and drunk to the dregs

i feel like a punchy drunk
all my bearings disappeared
you smash me
out of the ballpark

does this ever stop
how can i stop
do i want to
do i want to stop wanting you


i reach out for more
with both hands
with heart bared
with trembling need
with eyes wide open
with blurred brain

this liquid ache
ache ache ache
oh darling creature of tempting flesh
you reduce me
to this,
you do.


Friday, February 25, 2011

too much

this much
that much
how much
your touch
too much
for me

deep down
into the ground
bummed and slummed
i am crushed
deliberately flushed
saddened maddened
by my need
for you, you see

this spot
that spot
out out spot
dotting the “i”s
of my desire
this fool for hire
whatever use
for you, I can be

up, up in the sky
higher is my high
zinging through
what’s one to do
ride it, fast and long
it can’t be wrong
this you do, to me.


Tuesday, February 15, 2011


i want to take you

pull your hair tight
twist that sensitive flesh
stripe the bare expanse of your back
whisper all the nasty names in your ear
score you with my nails

i want to take you

down down deep
to that floating space
into the raw, vulnerable place
where the inside turns out

i want to take you

claim your flesh
possess your body
mark you as my own

i want to take you


i want to kiss you
and kiss you
and kiss you
for one

your honeyed lips
oh sweet lips
softly surrendering
harshly possessing
your devastating lips

your mouth
on mine
my mouth
on yours
playful tongues
intertwined and combined
delightful and divine

oh to kiss you
and to kiss you
and to kiss you

kiss me
kiss me
quick and fast
slowly and maddeningly

your lips
your kiss.


i dream of you

the soft feel of your hair
slipping through my fingers
the salty taste of your skin
here and there
the way you sigh
under my touch

i dream of you

smiling your monalisa smile
underneath the moonlight
stretching like a cat
before prowling somewhere
laughing gently at me
sending shivers down my spine

i dream of you

wondering what we will do
and what we will explore
tasting each other
for the longest breathless kiss
wanting the endless wanting of you
and your wonderfully wicked ways

i dream of you.