Saturday, July 30, 2011


she was sweet and silky
he was angry heat

for one moment
they slammed together

he drank from her lips
until she desperately plunged up for air

but she wanted more
and she went back for more

she liked it
when he hurt her
he gave her that dizzy taste
of that good good deep pain
made her body curve up
in one taut bow
while he pushed her and pushed and pushed her
and finally
he let her have her release
and she floated away
up away from him
while still in his arms

he pulled her hair back tight
away from her face
as he stared down into her eyes
his unreadable eyes
his silent mouth
as tears tracked their way
down her face
and she sobbed with her endless need
she couldn’t help it
she found herself washed away in a river of desire and pain
until the waters mixed so much she didn’t know
which was the pain and which was the desire any more
but at that point
she didn’t care any more
she just wanted it
she just needed it
she just wanted more of that heady fix

he made her beg
again and again and again
and still he wasn’t satisfied
his will was relentless
crushing her body crushing her spirit
shaping her into something brand new
with his cruel knowing hands
he knew what she really wanted
and he gave it to her
even when she protested it was too much
she couldn’t take feeling so much
she couldn’t take shaking so much with her need

through the night they continued
until they were drenched with sweat and boneless

finally he slapped her
as she came
and then
he smiled
as he whispered
my love my love my love
and finally
let himself go
as well.


*This poem was inspired by Eminem - Love The Way You Lie ft. Rihanna

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