Thursday, April 29, 2010

the girl with the amy winehouse hair

the girl with the amy winehouse hair
walked through the subway
with her eyes cast down
on her shoes

oh how
I would have liked to
mess up her hair

Monday, April 19, 2010

the sensual world

I am a sensual creature.

I don’t say sensual in that throw-away fashion, where sexuality is common, obvious and flaunted. But in the most literal sense – a creature of senses.

My senses experience so much on an exquisitely fine-tuned level and that is multiplied and multiplexed, when it comes to my sexuality and sensuality.

For me the barest touch electrifies my skin, the softest whisper descends on my ear with porcelain china clarity, the lightest scent fills my mind with a myriad images.

I told someone recently that amazing sex for me can be like a drug.
It can literally blow my mind. For days. The echoes just go on and on and on.
Exquisite torture and bliss, a never-ending mélange of it.

Hard to describe the effect on my mind and body.
But I just savor each delicious drop of it.

And this is why I have created a sensual, rather than sexual, space here.
In this blog, in this space and time.

There are plenty of spaces for your straight-forward porn and sex toys for sale.
All that has its value and is good.
You’ll even find a link or two on my blog.
But that is not, and will never be, what my blog is about.
Whether I am being kinky, or not.

The wonderful thing about being enigmatic is that I love to torture the mind with hints of this and that, a taste of heat, a slither of the most sensual touches.

I will whisper in your ear, as you read along.
But it’s up to you to guess what I’m saying.

This is my sensual world.

Thursday, April 8, 2010



I’m asking myself why I blog and write this particularly enigmatic blog.

I think it’s good to re-ask the question sometimes.

Today it struck me how incredibly intimate a kinky little blog like mine can be.
Even when I write in my most cryptic, enigmatic of ways.

The question is: do I still want to blog here, in this enigmatic space?
I don’t know the answer to that.

Part of that answer is because my bdsm interests have gone through such a sea change, that I hardly recognize them these days.

My relationship to pain has changed. The submissive part of me has changed.
And the dominant part of me has shifted her gaze onto other things as well.

So, am I still kinky?
Yes and no. I’m frankly not sure.

I know I have been spending much much more time with experiments in the vanilla world. I’ve been busy dating. And dating a lot. Even my vanilla dating patterns have changed.

I just don’t know where my kinky footing is right now.

I’ve always been somewhat of a unique creature on the bdsm side of things, somewhat of a rogue that didn’t quite fit anywhere. I was fine with that. I knew it would be quite the challenge to find any play partners that would get me, because of my eclectic and different interests.

But now I am wondering if I have just completely gone through a change on an elemental level.

Well, the jury is out on this kinky folks.
Think I will have to go out and see if I can grok this fully.
Be back later.


Thursday, April 1, 2010

sweet pain

sweet pain
i knew you when

we danced well together
you and i

we both gave and took
we spun on a dime
and twisted back

you kissed me
like no other lover kissed

you never needed promises
or to promise
because you just were what you were
it was enough
it was beyond enough

my flesh became molded
by your touch
the sense memories worked way deep

just with one small flicker
oh my body remembers

you were the ultimate ride
slick subtle
crude rough raw
and everything in between

oh sweet pain
i knew you when


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