Saturday, January 24, 2009

A Reward

I lightly trace
and caress
the curves of your face
as you squirm
so very deliciously
underneath your

My delicate fingers
skip over
that sensitive spot
on the back
of your neck.

You just cannot help
the shiver
that washes throughout
your body
at my lightest touch.

I whisper softly
in your ear:
"Oh you like that, my sweet?
Do that again for me."

And I laugh wickedly
a warm throaty chuckle
in your ear
as I watch
that slow flush of red
bloom across
your face and body
as you shiver again
in helpless excitement.

"That's right.

You love being good
for your Mistress,
n'est-ce-pas, hmmm?
And do you know
what good slaves get?"

You moan an unintelligible reply
against the gag
in your mouth,
struggling t please me -
something about
always wanting to be
good for your Mistress.

I twist
both of your nipples
and you gasp
and I can feel your confusion
wafting up at
the sudden intense pain.

"Good slaves get
a punishment.
That's what they get, my sweet,"
I breathe into your ear.

As you continue to squirm
I know you are confused
and I delight
in dashing
your expectations.

"Good slaves are rewarded with
a special punishment
because they need it.
Because you need
to be freed.
To fly high with the wave
of your suffering.
To be delivered.

Now do you understand,
my sweet one?"

You nod your head
as your body
slowly relaxes
against the ropes
that lightly
enfold you.

Now you are ready
to surrender to me.
Now you can please me
with your suffering,
as a good slave should for their Mistress.
Now you are free
to ride the wave of pain
to come.

Now you are mine
my sweet slave.


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