Saturday, July 30, 2011


she was sweet and silky
he was angry heat

for one moment
they slammed together

he drank from her lips
until she desperately plunged up for air

but she wanted more
and she went back for more

she liked it
when he hurt her
he gave her that dizzy taste
of that good good deep pain
made her body curve up
in one taut bow
while he pushed her and pushed and pushed her
and finally
he let her have her release
and she floated away
up away from him
while still in his arms

he pulled her hair back tight
away from her face
as he stared down into her eyes
his unreadable eyes
his silent mouth
as tears tracked their way
down her face
and she sobbed with her endless need
she couldn’t help it
she found herself washed away in a river of desire and pain
until the waters mixed so much she didn’t know
which was the pain and which was the desire any more
but at that point
she didn’t care any more
she just wanted it
she just needed it
she just wanted more of that heady fix

he made her beg
again and again and again
and still he wasn’t satisfied
his will was relentless
crushing her body crushing her spirit
shaping her into something brand new
with his cruel knowing hands
he knew what she really wanted
and he gave it to her
even when she protested it was too much
she couldn’t take feeling so much
she couldn’t take shaking so much with her need

through the night they continued
until they were drenched with sweat and boneless

finally he slapped her
as she came
and then
he smiled
as he whispered
my love my love my love
and finally
let himself go
as well.


*This poem was inspired by Eminem - Love The Way You Lie ft. Rihanna

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Enigmatically Luscious: e[lust] #28

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What makes me a woman? - It’s a stumper, this question. There must be something that makes me a woman. Something more than how I am perceived by others as I walk down the street. But what is the answer?

Baggage: An Inventory - Everyone brings bags with them. My goal is to carry my own bags. I’ll let people help me shed them, but I will never let them carry them. Those bags are my own to, well, own.

There's pain and then there's pain (and then there's pain) -Part of what I crave in the second type of pain is the selfish sadism of the partner who continues despite my pleas. He does it because it arouses him, and he does it because I'll endure it for him.

~ Featured Post (Lilly’s Pick) ~

What Is Gender? - Playing with dolls and preferring the color pink doesn’t make you a girl anymore than chewing on a bone makes you my dog.

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Sex Toys: Single or Partnered, there is no shame in owning them - There’s no fucking shame in owning your sexuality, in taking control of your own damn orgasm. Can you PREFER human contact and partnered sex to sex toys? Sure. You can prefer whatever the fuck you want. But don’t insinuate to me that owning a lot of sex toys is somehow bad or shameful.

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Tuesday, July 26, 2011


slick flesh
the heavy heat
turned them
slippery with need

they licked
the salt
off each other’s bodies
chased by a body shot
of tequila
or two

it was
thirty two freaking degrees
hotter than hell
as they explored
the musky swamp
of their desires

hellish pain
hellish pleasure
they tasted it all
pushing past
the sweat the salt
playing in slow motion
leaving a trail of toys
scattered here and there
a golden peacock feather
a velvety black flogger
and a few things
that pinched and cut

until the musky heat
overcame them
and they headed
in search of coolness

the blessed cold shock
of the shower
drenched them
revived them in cool relief

one voice said
is this what you want
and this
and this

each word punctuated
by the slap of flesh
rhythmic thuds
as one hand
braced against
the wet gleaming tiles
and one hand
snarled inside
a wet mane of hair
pulled tight

and one voice said

they emerged
naked wet flesh
still dripping

they made it to the bed
where they collapsed
limbs carelessly entwined
around each other
drowsing in the heat
with an occasional
pinch of a nipple
and lazy spank
of an already rosy cheek

the humid mugginess
in the air
kissed them to sleep
where they dreamed
their bodies still
affectionally wrapped
around each other

they fell asleep,
still slick.


the devil you know

take me to heaven
take me to hell
it doesn’t matter where

you turn my bones
to water
you turn my flesh
to mud

i want to get
dirty with you
bring me down down down
down to my knees
bring me up up up
to that
floating cloud
of your high

twist me turn me
it’s all
junk and treasure
the merry go round
of your will
spins me out
spins me where
you care to go

oh you shine
wicked and wet
you draw the moonlight
into the dark heart
of your midnight soul

*sympathy for the devil
you laugh
as the music plays
you just know
the slip and slide
of your magic hands
will get you in

crazy good
crazy bad
it don’t make a difference
you and your
addictive touch
oh don’t do that
or that
or that
too late
you’re like a
madness in the blood
you percolate
all my senses

you don’t rhyme
you don’t reason
you don’t give a damn
you just shrug
with a wink
slip back into
the night

leaving that fleeting taste
of heaven
and hell

crazy fool
come back

it’s late
it’s too late

you go back
to the shadows
you came from.


* Sympathy For The Devil, by The Rolling Stones

the pain of my writing (let it bleed)

baby, bleed
he said

he told me once
or a million times
(half jokingly, half not)
that i should suffer
all the time
because of the
quality of my writing
when i was
in pain

i looked at him
the last time
he said that to me
and as I looked at him
i found myself
*staring into an Abyss
and the Abyss
stared back at me

ever so quietly
and gently
i replied:


* “When you stare into the abyss the abyss stares back at you.”
- Friedrich Nietzsche