Tuesday, July 26, 2011

the devil you know

take me to heaven
take me to hell
it doesn’t matter where

you turn my bones
to water
you turn my flesh
to mud

i want to get
dirty with you
bring me down down down
down to my knees
bring me up up up
to that
floating cloud
of your high

twist me turn me
it’s all
junk and treasure
the merry go round
of your will
spins me out
spins me where
you care to go

oh you shine
wicked and wet
you draw the moonlight
into the dark heart
of your midnight soul

*sympathy for the devil
you laugh
as the music plays
you just know
the slip and slide
of your magic hands
will get you in

crazy good
crazy bad
it don’t make a difference
you and your
addictive touch
oh don’t do that
or that
or that
too late
you’re like a
madness in the blood
you percolate
all my senses

you don’t rhyme
you don’t reason
you don’t give a damn
you just shrug
with a wink
slip back into
the night

leaving that fleeting taste
of heaven
and hell

crazy fool
come back

it’s late
it’s too late

you go back
to the shadows
you came from.


* Sympathy For The Devil, by The Rolling Stones

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