Saturday, December 19, 2015


there was nothing to do about it
the yearning
that yearning
which slowly, seamlessly slid
back into your heart
back into your mind

that craving for
that something nameless
that something *je ne sais quoi*
the kind of something
that haunts your dreams
and makes you wake
in the middle of the night
with heart pounding

ah the yearning
for what was
for what you wished was

that unbearable lightness of being
of the perfect love
of the perfect love won and lost
won and lost again

you find yourself keening
with the grief of it
like losing a piece of your soul
that grief
that claims your days and nights
when you least expect it
right when the colour finally
started to seep back into your days
one word, one sound, one sigh
brings you back the memory
of *her*
of *him*
the one to claim your soul
through out the millenia
through out the lifetimes

it did not matter
what name you each wore
what gender what shape what character
no, just that
one word, one sound, one sigh
just enough
to make you recognize
your twin flame
and then cry with the grief
of losing them again
in this life, that life
pulled apart again by time

*her* or *him*
so far apart
so filled with
the yearning
that yearning
back in your mind
back in your heart

oh to be whole again
two halves reunited
two becoming one whole one

your one
*his* one
*her* one

you once had it
you once loved it
you once held it




your lips wrap around
every single primal letter
and the short thrust
of syllable

your teeth
clench around it
gnashing uncontrollably
prolonging it
almost -
but not quite -

ripping the sound
rising from
your hot wet throat
with a pleasure
that's almost pain
and such pain
that skirts around


your hands grip
the sweaty sheets
as your body
twists flips and stutters
and then
that loooooooong body arch
the rigor mortis of desire
le petit mort
bends your back
like the girl
in the exorcist
yes possessed



you swear
at the fiend
playing you
like a fiddle
or sleek red violin

the devilish digits
that just won't quit
the toys
soft and hard
carving out
your skin
and THAT
ah that knowing flesh
that lovingly probes
your hot spots

and that laughter
rising in waves and waves
at your endless fucks
punctuating their ears
loving every minute
of fucking
your most fuckable self

and when you finally let go
for the final time
(this time)

they whisper
in your exhausted ear
my dear



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