Friday, February 25, 2011

too much

this much
that much
how much
your touch
too much
for me

deep down
into the ground
bummed and slummed
i am crushed
deliberately flushed
saddened maddened
by my need
for you, you see

this spot
that spot
out out spot
dotting the “i”s
of my desire
this fool for hire
whatever use
for you, I can be

up, up in the sky
higher is my high
zinging through
what’s one to do
ride it, fast and long
it can’t be wrong
this you do, to me.


Tuesday, February 15, 2011


i want to take you

pull your hair tight
twist that sensitive flesh
stripe the bare expanse of your back
whisper all the nasty names in your ear
score you with my nails

i want to take you

down down deep
to that floating space
into the raw, vulnerable place
where the inside turns out

i want to take you

claim your flesh
possess your body
mark you as my own

i want to take you


i want to kiss you
and kiss you
and kiss you
for one

your honeyed lips
oh sweet lips
softly surrendering
harshly possessing
your devastating lips

your mouth
on mine
my mouth
on yours
playful tongues
intertwined and combined
delightful and divine

oh to kiss you
and to kiss you
and to kiss you

kiss me
kiss me
quick and fast
slowly and maddeningly

your lips
your kiss.


i dream of you

the soft feel of your hair
slipping through my fingers
the salty taste of your skin
here and there
the way you sigh
under my touch

i dream of you

smiling your monalisa smile
underneath the moonlight
stretching like a cat
before prowling somewhere
laughing gently at me
sending shivers down my spine

i dream of you

wondering what we will do
and what we will explore
tasting each other
for the longest breathless kiss
wanting the endless wanting of you
and your wonderfully wicked ways

i dream of you.