Tuesday, February 15, 2011


i want to take you

pull your hair tight
twist that sensitive flesh
stripe the bare expanse of your back
whisper all the nasty names in your ear
score you with my nails

i want to take you

down down deep
to that floating space
into the raw, vulnerable place
where the inside turns out

i want to take you

claim your flesh
possess your body
mark you as my own

i want to take you


finbar said...

Enigmatic Angel,

it's nice to see you posting again.
i always enjoy your work.

enjoyed "take". i like the urgency of the poem, and a number of lines stood out. i liked "score you with my nails" very evocative.

also liked "mark you as my own."


Angel said...


It's wonderful to see your comments on my blog again, my friend!

Your feed-back is always appreciated. :)

Thanks for stopping by,