Friday, October 10, 2008

BDSM, S&M and Sex And The City

"La Douleur Exquise!"
Sex And The City

Season 2
Episode 24

Lately, I have been binging on
Sex And The City.

I have systematically been making my way through all the episodes.
Right now, I am up to Season 5.
Oh my, what a fun, girly-girl fest it has been! :)

I saw the movie this summer and had never watched an episode of the quintessential New York show before. So I promised myself that one day I would watch all the chapters of this hit show.

As I watched I realized, wow there are so many BDSM elements in
Sex And The City!

And then I hit an episode called
"La Douleur Exquise!" (The Exquisite Pain), about the hot new S&M restaurant that Samantha introduces the girls to, which leaves one thinking about the relationship between the girls and BDSM.

So I had a thought.

What if our
Sex And The City gal pals
were in the BDSM Scene?
What roles would they fit?

And this is what I dreamed up - just for fun!

Samantha (Domme and Dominatrix)

Samantha is such a natural Domme and would make a great Pro-Domme as well.
Men paying for the privilege of pleasing her in every way - and leaving them frustrated? Perfect.

Somehow I imagine a large stable of glistening hot studs seeing to her every sensual and sexual need. Perfect gleaming oily manflesh begging to serve their Mistress all at once - and currying for her favour. She would be the very Domme Queen in her FemDom QueenDom.

And if she worked as a Pro-Domme?

Just imagine what her professional dungeon would look like.
Acres and acres of wicked gleaming toys. Oh and I imagine there would be a queening station somewhere in there as well. Since she enjoys fine dining in more ways than one. ;)

Didn't she just handle that riding crop so easily in that S&M episode?
You just knew she was no stranger to the kinkier side of the toy closet.

Charlotte (The Service-Oriented and Role-Playing Slave)

I see Charlotte being the Perfect French Maid, providing impeccable service to her Master, while fetching his slippers, pouring his drinks or tea for his guests. Giving her Master a wonderful massage, drying him with fluffy towels as he steps out of his bath,

Charlotte would also make an excellent Pony Girl. She would love being kitted out in her shiny and spic & span pony gear, trotting for her Master. And being ridden very very well. Oh so very British as well.

Miranda (The Switchy Switch)

Miranda is the most ambiguous of the 4 gal pals, in more ways than one.
She can be very tough and act and dress just like one of the boys - her butch side. Or she can also show a vulnerable submissive side, that craves being take care of, treasured and loved.

I can easily see her topping (both men and women), and then easily flipping to bottoming to taste some exquisite pain herself.

Carrie (The Sexual Submisive)

Well of course Carrie would be a sexual submissive. She probably already owns the largest collection of "fuck me shoes". All those dreamy Manolo Blahniks, Jimmy Choos, and Christian Louboutins. Just add more boots - especially the thigh-high kind - and her wardrobe would be set.

And boy oh boy doesn't her character just scream submissive?
All her neurotic game-playing - I bet she would love to be taken in hand by the very firm - yet loving and sensual hand of a man.

OK none of this is at all politically correct. So shoot

But can't you just imagine their outfits??

They would be just....exquisitely perfect.

Angel ;)

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