Tuesday, July 26, 2011


slick flesh
the heavy heat
turned them
slippery with need

they licked
the salt
off each other’s bodies
chased by a body shot
of tequila
or two

it was
thirty two freaking degrees
hotter than hell
as they explored
the musky swamp
of their desires

hellish pain
hellish pleasure
they tasted it all
pushing past
the sweat the salt
playing in slow motion
leaving a trail of toys
scattered here and there
a golden peacock feather
a velvety black flogger
and a few things
that pinched and cut

until the musky heat
overcame them
and they headed
in search of coolness

the blessed cold shock
of the shower
drenched them
revived them in cool relief

one voice said
is this what you want
and this
and this

each word punctuated
by the slap of flesh
rhythmic thuds
as one hand
braced against
the wet gleaming tiles
and one hand
snarled inside
a wet mane of hair
pulled tight

and one voice said

they emerged
naked wet flesh
still dripping

they made it to the bed
where they collapsed
limbs carelessly entwined
around each other
drowsing in the heat
with an occasional
pinch of a nipple
and lazy spank
of an already rosy cheek

the humid mugginess
in the air
kissed them to sleep
where they dreamed
their bodies still
affectionally wrapped
around each other

they fell asleep,
still slick.



Cheap Ethnic Eatz said...

Oh I LOVE this poem, so sexy makes one panting for this moment to become a reality. Of course you have been quite inspired by the weather lol.

Very nice poem my friend!

Angel said...

Why thank you my friend!

Always happy to add some sexy heat to people's days, I am. :)

Oh and yes it was totally inspired by the recent heat wave. It really was hotter than hell in my place lol

Angel :)