Thursday, April 1, 2010

sweet pain

sweet pain
i knew you when

we danced well together
you and i

we both gave and took
we spun on a dime
and twisted back

you kissed me
like no other lover kissed

you never needed promises
or to promise
because you just were what you were
it was enough
it was beyond enough

my flesh became molded
by your touch
the sense memories worked way deep

just with one small flicker
oh my body remembers

you were the ultimate ride
slick subtle
crude rough raw
and everything in between

oh sweet pain
i knew you when


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Kat5 said...

I liked this so much I had to come back and read it again!

Angel said...


Thank you for your lovely comment. I'm happy my sweet thoughts on pain gave you food for thought you wanted to savor again.

Thanks for following as well,
Angel :)