Thursday, August 4, 2011


you dream of it
of being owned
the devastating totality of it
the complete craving to give all of yourself

sometimes at night
your mind body and soul stir restlessly
with this need to be owned
you wonder and hope it can be true
beyond your deepest darkest roughest most sublime fantasies

some days
you want to be owned so much
You cry with the unfulfilled need that threatens to swamp
all of your feelings thoughts and sensations

oh you so want it to be true
oh you so want it to come true

you want that chance to fly
with ultimate trust
to be cradled in the Other’s arms
knowing they will
always be there to catch you
always be there to push you
always be there to nurture you
always be there to appreciate your gift

you crave
The One
The Master The Mistress
The Owner

who will make you shine
who will respect you and your gift
who will bring you to heights
you never dreamed possible

you dream of being owned


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