Sunday, September 18, 2011


*this poem was inspired by my friend Florence T’s tasty Baking Beats :)


oh girl
were you crunk
to the nth degree

body blocking
the air
in beyond crazy

you framed it
you tamed it
you smashed it to bits

slam it
slam it
slam it
oh so ferocious
oh so fierce

baby don’t stop

you know instinctively
how to move
how to float
how to drive that groove

crunk it
oh you crunk it
oh you drunk it
down to the dregs baby

you twisted the tension
right off the top
you zapped it
you rapped it
you capped it
beyond high baby

you are the tippiest top
you do that body bop
funk it, you do
crunk it some more, you do

slam it home

you bring the shine home
to midnight
you dazzle the mirror balls
off the disco
oh how you go

crunk it, baby

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