Thursday, September 1, 2011

a naked back

the line of your back
curves underneath
my exploring fingertips

here, a blank canvas
to be painted on
that naked expanse
of vulnerable skin

what will I do with it
you whisper
with a half-held breath

my only answer
a laugh
soft and low
in your ear
it makes you shudder
in response
I can feel you
as I continue to explore
your back

my fingertips
barely barely barely
touch the skin
as I trail my fingertips
down that
squirming line of flesh
almost not touching
your sensitive skin
just enough
just enough
to ignite and awaken
your back’s very sensitive
nerve endings

down down down
my fingers go
oh so lightly brushing
the trail of skin
your uneven breath
and a soft moan
tell me just how much
this light torture
affects you, excites you

for a moment
I stop
and just stand there
behind you
you can feel the heat
of my body
disturbing the air
around you
almost close enough
to touch
but not quite

and then
I trace a circle
around that sensitive spot
just below
the back of your neck
claiming the mark
tattooed there
the mark of infinity
and infinite possibilities
just as
in this moment
there are infinite possibilities
for what I may
choose to do
with that naked canvas
of your back

you want to know
oh you want to know
so badly
I can feel just how much
you crave to know
what I will do

but a wicked smile
curves my lips
as I whisper
“you’ll find out”

ah but only when
I am ready
to reveal my plans

for now
you remain
facing against the wall
hands above your head
legs spread wide
posed there for
my meticulous & careful inspection
posed for my pleasure

oh yes
you’ll find out

only when I decide
to claim that canvas
for my


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