Tuesday, March 29, 2011

her story

strong and vulnerable
lilith and eve
her fragility
called to me

she had a story
as everyone has a story

so exotic yet familiar

the hills and valleys
the rock and the hard place
scylla and charybdis
the highs and the lows
the flavours and the spices
the loves won and the loves lost
the wisdom gained and the lessons learned

her tale slowly unfurled
exquisitely rich
brightly delicate
grounded and earthy

and i listened,



selkie said...

angel, this was luscious! I love the way you mesh the mind and spirit unfolding with the hint of sexuality of the corporeal.

jacquezyon said...

Beautiful poem. Love the imagery.

Angel said...


Glad you enjoyed it!

Yes those hills and valleys are suggestive, aren't they?

Angel :)

Angel said...


Thank you for your comment & for stopping by my blog.

Pop in any time.

Angel :)

Liras said...

I cannot applaud loudly enough, to express my appreciation of this one.

Angel said...


Thank you for the applause, my dear!

And thanks for stopping by again.

Angel :)