Thursday, March 24, 2011


you called it

the electric current
that sizzled
between us

we zapped each other’s
neurons and synapses
and every single other
pleasure center

oh yes
we connected each other’s dots
we did
over and over and over again

it was so unexpected
there was no build up
there was no slow building of fire


it exploded
white hot
so hot so hot so hot

the minute
you looked
into my eyes

you literally jumped
in your skin
when you looked at me

we were both that startled

and how could i know
because i did know
oh i sure knew
the electricity would jump
between us
with just one look

we didn’t just meet
we collided
white suns smashing into each other
we crashed
we thrashed
we smashed through
all the usual barriers
that just melted away

it was so raw
and crazy
and cataclysmic
and i loved every
white hot wet musky wild primal
moment of it

i consumed you
and you consumed me

and baby,
i can taste it

that mind numbingly addictive slick
when i met you
and you met me
and we
tasted that one long moment

it was



黃愛玲 said...

Beautiful. =o)

finbar said...


that was electrifying. felt like i had grabbed a live wire and had to just hang on until the charge drained me.

enjoyed this one alot, also loving your burst of creativity. its so nice to see you writing so much, after such a long time of sporadic posting.

i may not comment on everything all the time but i do read and lurk.
i guess that is just part of my voyeuristic tastes.
hope that you dont mind.


Angel said...

Thank you for your comment & for stopping by my blog. :)

Angel said...

You're welcome to read and comment or read and lurk any time! Fel free to sit on the comfy couch there. :)

Yes I have been inspired alot lately and am happy to be writing so much poetry lately.

Ah the Poetic Muse...may she dance with us both all the time!

Happy that you got a charge out of this verse,