Thursday, March 24, 2011


*you tumbled from the sky

dressed in moonlight
and the stars

bringing with you such things
wicked things
teasing things
promising things
twisted things
all the things
you wrapped around me

gently, cruelly, softly, darkly
your midnight eyes gleamed

as you wound your spell

and i

i simply



*the line "you tumbled from the sky" was inspired by the opening line of a poem by finbar, The Cruelty Of My Heart.


selkie said...

beautiful.. angel - powerful metaphor

Angel said...


Thank you for your lovely comment, my dear.

And what a lovely synchronicity...I was actually thinking of you today!

Hope all is well with you,
Angel :)

finbar said...

Angel, i just had to comment on this, first i am flattered that you would find inspiration in a line that i wrote,

secondly you did a beautiful sensual treatment of the other side, the one that had fallen.

a very haunting poem, and it just aches with sensuality, and the passion of surrender.

thank you.


Angel said...


I find it's really cool when someone's poetry inspires me to write a poem of my thanks to you my friend for inspiring me & this poem.

Angel :)