Thursday, March 24, 2011

Switching Tides, Part Deux

the waters rise
diverging waves crash upon each other
as i drift between, above and below, and inside out
all the sides of passion
all the sides of pain
all the faces of the Dominant
all the faces of the submissive
all the faces of the inquisitive Switch

the tart
the temptress
the playful kinkster
the unforgiving Mistress
the equal opportunity explorer who dabbles
with all tempting male and female flesh

she i am
she i become
she who swims the switching tides
in one given moment
all at once and then some

everything is familiar and still new

but what do i choose

i choose and i choose and i choose again
to sample them all
and let the tides bring me
wherever my liquid ever-evolving pleasures take me

i swim between all the shores,


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