Thursday, March 24, 2011



blessed it was
my spirit and yours
intertwined and filled with the light

we floated up and out
in that elsewhere
of no mind
where energy transforms into
a new creation, tenuous and baby soft

that space where we celebrate
with our bodies
in that dance of the divine
the divine within, the divine without

worshipping each other
slowly and lingeringly
a leisurely banquet of sense memory

oh we go
we go out
we go beyond
we go higher and higher
beyond thoughts of sky and flesh
flesh melds into flesh
words blur into one
the white welcomes our embrace

we shine with the white light
our desires create
the light takes us up and out
to the yonder of our sensual dreams
beyond notions of up and down

sacred our touch is
as we explore each other
tenderly caressing, achingly full and feather light

sacred our dance is
as we embrace the music
the drumbeats of our hearts create

sacred, your touch, my touch
we bless this time and space
with our joining and union of flesh and spirit

oh bliss, bliss of our desires becoming beyond desire
the blessed earth beneath us
the blessed sky above us
the blessed tangle of our limbs

we breathe in the sacred
we live the sacred
we create the sacred

and oh
and oh
oh my oh my
my sacred twinned self
you bless me with this moment

you, my bliss, my blissful muse
in this sensually loving sacred space.

you and i
sacred souls
in our sacredly created space.


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