Wednesday, August 12, 2009

the body symphony

it began somewhere,

eyes glancing off of eyes

the barest skim of fingers
across bare skin

that small sharp intake of breath
when that frisson of excitement
passes through

the shy tremble riding its wave
across the anticipating body

a word or two on a page
that made the heart skip a beat
for a moment

the voice breathing into an ear
that knowing voice

small delicate movements
in the body symphony
created the initial landscape
of desire and hope and wishful things
building the crescendo
both wish will never come
because the waves consume
body mind soul in too many
delicious ways


hold that moment
hold that thought
hold that feeling

tightly curled inside
unfurling ever so slowly, sensually soft
tortuously tenuous
delightfully painful in its intensity

hold it hold it hold it



*** Angel 08/12/09

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River Girl said...

hmm.. wow this is incredibly well written, and awe inspiring!

Angel said...

What is awe-inspiring is when a writer finds a reader who finds beauty in a small piece of sharing.

Thank you for your lovely comment, River Girl.