Saturday, August 29, 2009

enigmatic dance

You & I
oh what an enigmatic mix

when I look in your eyes
I see a reflection of me
and my own eyes
hold a reflection of you

we mirror each other

our hands dip
tracing the bossanova beat
that lazily passes through
the air
and us

we don't even need words

the smile is the same
the raised eyebrow is the same
the slightly wicked laugh
that promises bad things under the moonlight
is the same
the soft sigh that slips out
is the same

even the names are not important
when the basic nature
is the same

there is no need to speak
when it feels so good to savour the mystery

there is no need for questions
when there are plenty of answers
in the movement, the sway of the body, the eyes knowing look


this is what happens
when you let yourself be free
one enigma to another
floating on an enigmatic sea...

(inspired by one of Sinner's sinful songs)

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Abe's Heart said...

I really enjoyed reading this. Well done! ...happy to share this weeks category with you @ Sugasm.

Keep writing poetry. You've definitely got the touch.

`x~Abe's Heart.

Angel said...

Thanks for stopping by & for your lovely comment, Abe's Heart.

Happy to share the Sugasm erotic poetry category with you as well.

Angel :)