Tuesday, August 18, 2009

A Kissably Enigmatically Poetic Blog

If there is one thing that inspires a poet, is sublime poetry from other poets.

During my enigmatic travels, I recently found a blog filled such such sensually addictive poetry, it just made me sigh with a soulfully-deep contentment in my enigmatically poetic soul.

What do you get when you have a union between Cupid and Psyche?

A voluptuous blend of eye candy and soul food.

Join S. in her kissable journey so slowly and deftly unwinding in her Voluptas universe.

Just had to share this.

Kinky kisses,

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Liras said...

Oh cool, thanks for the link.

A sultry spanking to you!

S. said...

Hey Pretty Angel, my warmest thanks to you for the mention on your blog.

Kiss me...

Angel said...

Thanks for dropping by & leaving a sultry spanking behind, Liras. :)

My pleasure, S.
I send the softest, sweetest kisses floating up to you....:)