Saturday, August 22, 2009


I turn your flesh, your spirit, your soul
into something other

somewhere you soar
in your half-state

chasing a delicious wicked thought
I whispered in your ear


you were leaden
your world
grey dull silent


you shine like gold
that has been lovingly buffed
by caring tender hands

what a glimmering shimmering light you shine

as I send you away far away
on a journey of bliss and discovery

shine on, shine on
newly born one

I will nurture you
in your evolution
as you follow your quest

I will bring you far
off into the stars
now spinning in your mind

I am the Mistress Alchemist
of your


(inspired by Liras and her transmutable blog)

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Liras said...

That was a tasty treat. A welcome surprise, too!

Angel said...

Thanks for inspiring this poem, Liras. :)