Friday, August 21, 2009

A FetLife Munch: An Enigmatically Slapping Good Time

Ah it was good to be back, back in the public kinky waters of Montreal.
Attending the FetLife Munch felt like kind of going home again.

I was happy to see a few of my favorite usual suspects. Like my good friend and some time *evyl* co-conspirator Mystress Lady Evyl, and one of my very favorite couples in our local scene MsV (our gracious hostess) and Master Andre, her fellow whipmaking partner.

Oh and what fun it was to slap hello my fellow Switch drakor, who I hadn't seen in awhile. I do believe that small slap put a little twinkle in his eye. And what are friends for? :)

It was also fun to meet some intriguing new people, including a warm & entertaining couple of out-of-towners.

And you never know where the conversation can lead during a Munch. Topics ran from the Intellikilt ( you just had to see it to believe it) and the legendary practical jokes between John Baku (boy wonder founder of Fetlife) and MasterZChicago.

I picked a great event for my return to the public scene - laid-back, fun & funny conversation with fellow BDSMers and kinksters, over some tasty seafood and steak. I actually liked the fact that it was a smaller crowd as well, was easier to talk to people.

My plan had originally been to go on to one of the other many happenings in town. Three other tempting events in the dark side were also going on during the night. I was really interested in finally attending one of KinkMontreal's little happy hours, which was scheduled a bit later on in the night. But seeing as I had a vanilla date planned for the morning, I decided to call it a night, as my fellow Munchers went each to continue their wicked evening with more dark fun in the night.

It felt good to be out again and happy I was to be in the kink-friendly Gay Village.

Being back in the Village made me remember how much I love roaming around that neighborhood. I love seeing all the wonderfully exotic range of gender-bending human creatures who stroll through the Village on a hot summer night.

Little snapshots caught my attention as I headed off home.

There a couple of gorgeous young boys casually walking together hand in hand.

Oh and a bashful pretty girl in a summery cotton white dress, eyes meekly looking down. Her black leather collar and silvery leash attached making a lovely contrast. Ah how tempting it was to just reach out and take that leash....somewhere.

And I headed on home still smiling my Mona Lisa smile filled with secret thoughts and thinking how very interesting my life is these days.

It's so true how life brings such wonderful things when you have no expectations.

Kinky food for thought,

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Valmont said...

Madame aimerait prendre une laisse en main afin de promener une petite bête docile?

selkie said...

angel, sounds like it was a lovely evening! I'm glad you enjoyed it; it is lovely as you say to have such a good time and always better when there are NO expectations.

Angel said...

Bienvenu a ma petite monde énigmatique, M. Valmont.

Oui, j'aimerais bien prendre une laisse en main afin de promener une belle petite bête docile.

Et aussi jouer avec elle.

Tranquillement, doucement, avec beaucoup d'attention et d'autres possibilités....

Angel said...

It was indeed a lovely time, selkie.

I will actually be writing up yet another follow-up blog soon, that I brainstormed about last night.

May your life be also filled with lovely surprises that come from no expectations. :)

Miss Honey said...

Such a wonderful post about a lovely evening.

Liras said...

Sounds like Fun on top of fun.

Glad you enjoyed yourself.

Valmont said...

There are indeed some possibilities.

Angel said...

@Miss Honey:

Thank you for your lovely comment.
So nice to see you stop by in my blog again. It has been awhile. :)

@Liras said:
Oh it was fun indeed.
So nice to experience fun on different levels like that again.

Is that so? Do tell me about them some time, Monsieur.