Thursday, July 2, 2009


i remember the first time
a girl
flirted with me

i love your perfume,
she said
with a smile

my skin
my scent
she leaned in to me
and breathed
me in

i remember
her long glossy dark hair
her long manicured fingernails

and her smile
she said

*** Angel

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Liras said...


S. said...

While I've done my share of experimentation, and am now a couple years past the wildest of those days, I've never actually found myself "stimulated" by the presence or attentions of a woman, which is not to say I don't appreciate their softness, their beauty, their pink. Yet, a few weeks ago, a woman walked into our place of business, and I couldn't keep my eyes from her. I examined every outwardly aspect of her presence. She looked very much as the woman you've described. I was drawn to her, drawn into her.

I wanted so much, just to touch her.

Angel said...

Liras, I am happy that my flirtatious recollection made you smile. :)

It's funny that you say that.

That woman crossed my path before I was consciously aware of any attraction to women. There was a glimmer of something that awoke in me there, in that moment...

But somehow that "she" stayed in my thoughts, a small curiosity buried somewhere in a sensual layer or two.

I know what you mean.

Thank you both for stopping by,