Thursday, April 10, 2008

My Sweetness

My sweet boy
how tasty you are
a tasty little morsel
all just for Me

you kneel before Me
hands above your head
eyes cast downwards

I walk around you and inspect you
inspect My new merchandise
first with My eyes
then with My touch

I reach out and place a hand on your chest
and can feel your heart beating so fast
like a scared little rabbit
Is this what I do to you?
Is this what My touch makes you feel?
This excitement?

My long manicured fingers slowly caress your jaw
trace your chin gently
almost tenderly
until suddenly I grab the back of your head and pull your head up
with one vicious yank
and force you to look right into My eyes

and then I say to you
what do you say, My sweet boy?
and you answer
and I say
please what?
and you answer
please Goddess!
and I say
please Goddess what?
and you say
please Goddess let me!
and I say
please let you do what?
and you say
please Goddess let me serve You!
and I say
Good boy
and pat you on the head
for responding as I trained you to respond

and then I suddenly twist both your sensitive nipples
and pull you up to a standing position by your nipples
and you can’t help but moan as your body slowly stands up

you stand before Me
very tall and oh so strong
but yet
you are My sweet little boy
you are My sweet little boy who will do anything
for his Mistress
for his Goddess
and you will love it
love every minute of it

I walk you through your paces
making you contort your body in many humiliating positions
so that I can better inspect and access every inch of your body
and your whole body blushes
and your whole face blushes
oh yes you squirm
but you know you love it so
love being handled the way you should be handled

and so I take you
I take you again and again and again
I take you into MY world
Angel’s World
into the world of My darkest dreams
and the most sensually and seductive of addictive desires
oh how you hunger to be taken by Me
taken into the world I created just for you
yes I take you My sweetness

and make you MINE.


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drakor66 said...

Well I liked it the poem that is it. A nice installment from the Dominant side of Angel. I have food for thought or at least fantasy.

Angel said...

Glad you liked it. :)

Yes, fantasies are good.
Fantasies are much better than blueprints. ;)

Anonymous said...

Liked your poem very much. It didn't take much for me to imagine myself as the boy in the poem!

Anonymous said...

Liked your poem very much. It didn't take much for me to imagine myself as the boy in the poem!

Anonymous said...

I liked the poem very much. Really powerful imagery. I could almost imagine myself as the body in the poem!