Friday, April 18, 2008

Angel Time

During Angel Time, you shiver with anticipation
as you undergo My inspection.
During Angel Time, you beg over and over to serve,
to do any little thing to please Me.
During Angel Time, you rush to get on your knees
and use your mouth in any way I wish.
During Angel Time, you lovingly worship My feet
and shower them with love and attention.
During Angel Time, you are thrilled to be My footstool
and furniture in every position imaginable.

During Angel Time, you crave the feeling of being bound in My creative bondage
designed by My merest whim.
During Angel Time, you moan as My fingers trace every inch of your skin lightly,
and then twist and torment your flesh.
During Angel Time, you yearn to serve and serve and serve again
for every precious moment you spend in My presence.
During Angel Time, you bend your body in delightful ways that I command
as I spank and whip and cane you to My exacting specifications.
During Angel Time, you are inflamed by My lightest touch, cruelest caress,
and tender ministrations and beg for more.
During Angel Time, you struggle to do your best to be silent under the gag
when I gag you for My amusement and pleasure.

During Angel Time, you try so very hard to be good for the simple reward
of spending more time in My addictive presence.
During Angel Time, you wish with all your heart that the time spent
with Your Mistress would never end.

During Angel Time, you are so happy and honoured to belong to Me.

When it’s not Angel Time, you dream of Angel Time.
When it’s not Angel Time, you dream of belonging to Me again.
When it’s not Angel Time, you dream of Me.


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Anonymous said...

Angel Time sounds wonderful! I can think of nothing more beautiful than a superior female dominating her inferior and pleasing herself with his service.

selkie said...

the repetition is very effective ... the rhytham and cadence of this lovely poem delight