Saturday, April 26, 2008

the heart of darkness

in the heart of darkness
there are no rules

the heart of darkness is even beyond
those who worship dark desires

there is no judgement here
there is no questioning
there are no labels

there are no switches
no submissives
no dominants

the heart of darkness just is

in the heart of darkness
you are simply free
to be
whatever you wish
not what people think you should be
not what you admit to the public or even private eye

the drums call you here
you let your body go
you dance
you sigh
you breathe
you come home again

only the heart of darkness knows
your true name
and speaks it.


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Rex Venom said...

Loads images into my mind.
Rock on!

Angel said...

Hmmm glad you enjoyed it so much...
and that it made you dream a little dream maybe. :)