Sunday, April 6, 2008

blue rope dream

Recently, I came across an exquisite photo of some lovely rope bondage...all done in my favorite colour: blue.

I found this image posted in this post on
RushX's Ropes, Pleasures and Arts blog.

I could not help but be inspired to write this small poem as an ode to both the talented photographer Malefice & the very creative Rope Master
RushX .

Photo: Malefice
Rope Art: RushX
Model: Amellya


blue rope dream

blue rope becomes her

blue rope tendrils lovingly dance across her skin
blue rope slowly possesses her neck
blue rope sweetly caresses her face
blue rope delightfully dips down the pale expanse of her chest

blue rope frames her beauty so well.


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Jo said...

HI Angel,

I have literally just set up my first ever blog page - and am yet to post - but did a search with 'bondage' and found you.

What a lovely way to start my life in the blogosphere, by finding such a lovely poem..and a stunning photo. Thank you so very much...

Angel said...

I'm happy to hear that you enjoyed my small blue rope poem, Jo.

Yes, the photo is stunning - and inspiring - real eye-candy for anyone into rope bondage.

Thanks for stopping by,
Angel :)

Jo said...

My very great pleasure, Angel! I have enjoyed reading your blog and it seems, in my innocence, I can learn much from you! I hope we can share more insights with each other... :-)


RushX said...


Thanks for the lovely comment and poem!


Angel said...

You're very welcome, RushX.
Thank YOU for creating such inspiring rope artwork.

Hope to see you create one of your delightful rope creations at a FetNight again, some time soon. :)