Saturday, April 5, 2008


you wait by the door
for what seems like an eternity
you feel like you're holding your breath for an eternity
waiting alone, all alone, with your need
alone with your all-consuming need
that rises up at the mere thought of Him

until you hear the footsteps outside your door
and your heart skips a beat for a moment
because the excitement claws at your insides

with trembling fingers you fumble with the door's lock
until you finally pull the door open
and then
He is standing there
looking at you
drinking in the sight of you
smiling at you

as you are lost once again
in the sea of those eyes
those knowing possessing wicked eyes
that make you instantly wet with just one look
those eyes that know you so intimately and thoroughly
inside and out
the eyes that know every wicked thought you have
the eyes that know every wicked thing you are capable of doing
those all-too-knowing eyes

He says just two words to you:
the wall

that's your cue to assume the position
standing up against the wall
hands above your head
legs spread wide
mouth kissing the plaster

and all you can feel
is the waves of shivers running like a river through your body

ever so slowly you feel those wicked and all-too-knowing fingers
begin their exploration of your skin
just grazing the back of your neck
skimming along your silky thighs
flickering across the back of your hands
and then inevitably you feel the cool air
when your short skirt is flipped up
and those wicked all-too-knowing fingers
find out just how excited you are
and the shivers wracking your body become so bad your legs go all rubbery
and feel like they're going to give out

you then hear that velvety whisper of words, His words,
asking you why you're so excited

and you can't help but answer back with a moan
because You make me so excited Sir
and then He laughs that oh-so wicked laugh of His
which makes you crave that much-needed release then and there
because the excitement is just that much…too much…

and then He tells you to turn around
and slowly you turn around

...and then the fun begins…


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Lady Evyl said...

Wickedly HOT and SEXY

Angel said...

Glad you enjoyed it! :)