Thursday, March 27, 2008


this rhythm
rhythm of desire
beats in my blood
and i can’t help it
can’t help myself
can‘t help the wanting of You
can’t help wanting You so much
You and Your wicked touch
You and Your wicked thoughts
You and Your addictive wickedness
that makes me want to
do anything for You
be anything for You

my body arches with the pain
of unfulfilled desire
and i want to scream
from the sheer frustration
that zings through every cell of my body
the unquenchable thirst
that explodes through all of my senses

i want You
i need You
i want You
i need You

these simple words pulse through my brain
and torture my body

i can’t take it
i just can’t take it
i feel like i am dying from so much want

do You think of me
do You fantasize about me
do You think about all the things
we could be doing together

i want to explore You
i want to taste You
i want to feel You
i want to know You

if only
if only

You will let me.

***Angel ~ Feb. 21, 2008

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