Thursday, March 27, 2008

Angel and her angels aka The Genesis of The Enigmatic Angel

How did The Enigmatic Angel Come To Life?

A long time ago, as a little kid I had a fascination with angels. Over the years, I collected all kinds of angels: angel artwork, angel stickers, Christmas Angels, white angels, blue angels, angels in every shape and size, angels angels everywhere. I guess early on I became my own guardian angel as well.

As the innocent angel that I was began to develop a taste for kink and other wonderful things, my angelic connection morphed into something new and strange. When I met my Master that I served for many years, guess what slave name he decided to give me? You guessed it: angel. So I became this new sweet kind of erotic angel, so eager to please and give pleasure. And I was this angel for many years, going by the name of angel, even after my Master stopped calling me by that name.

Life happened in the mean-time, while I was happily devouring all things bdsm.
After a few major life changes happened, one after the other, I began to question my path as a slave and evolved into a new creature: a switch. The urge came upon me one day to see that sweet look of adoration on someone else's face, not my own, as they looked at me.
Me. Now what a heady thought that was for me, indeed.

That was the day I evolved (in my mind, heart and soul) both privately and publicly, from the sweet little angel into Angel, the switchy sensual
femme who wanted to walk the intricate but tasty tightrope of both desires.

And so Angel came to be....and came.

After looking at the scattered pieces of my various bdsm poetry, short stories, odd journals and miscellaneous thoughts, I decided a blog was finally in order to gather the curious wanderings of my devious mind.

And here you go:
The Genesis of The Enigmatic Angel.

Angel :)

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