Thursday, March 27, 2008

The Switch Of My Dreams

I worship your body with my tongue.
You massage every inch of my skin with tenderness.

I slap your face and then kiss it.
You twist my nipples hard as you taste my lips.

You wrap my hair in your hands and pull me down to my knees.
I grab the back of your head with my hands and pull you down deep.

You fuck me hard and deep and never stop.
I fuck you back with a vengeance and then some.

You whip me mercilessly into sweet sublime subspace.
My cane drives you deep into the seductive heart of subspace.

We fight and wrestle and grapple with each other, shredding skin and fabric.
We fall asleep later in each other's arms because we both need after-care.

I dream of you.
I dream of finding you...somewhere...out there...

***Angel ~ today

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Anonymous said...

Having read this, all I can say is...


Step this way to open Pandora's box.

I know you want to.


Angel said...

Oh my!
I had no idea my writing would have this effect!
*blush* :)