Sunday, March 30, 2008

Switching Voices: A Journey Within and Without

So what does a switch sound like anyway?

This is a question I've been asking myself lately. In discovering my own voice, whether in my virtual or real-time interactions and in my writing, I've been finding my way and my voice at the same time.

I've looked at how other switches communicate and what they say about themselves which has been a fascinating journey all on its own. Many complain that lots of dominants treat them as simple subs and expect them to automatically kowtow to them, for their supposedly higher position in the bdsm hierachy. Well, you can imagine that attitude just does not impress your "average" switch. lol Sometimes the switch voice can be cheeky or flirty...sometimes the switch voice just sounds all too human. Switches, from what I have seen so far, are all unique in their own way, so I can't honestly say I've found a particular "switch tone" among my fellow switches out there.

Well, I've decided that my own switch voice will be just whatever I want it to be.

Sometimes I will write from the submissive perspective, and sometimes from the dominant side of things. And sometimes I will just be somewhere in the gray area, that curious noman's land, of switchspace.

My own switch voice is also obviously shaped by the person I have evolved into after 39 odd years on this earth. One perspective I write from is from the perspective of a writer. Yes, because for me I am a writer, and I've written poetry and stories since I first learned how to write. It's an inherant and essential part of who I am. One of my dreams is to be published...and one day I know I will be. I have also written many things in the vanilla world and will have a vanilla blog soon somewhere in cyberspace to upload the ton of material I've amassed from my everyday life.

My switch voice is filled with dreams and poetry and other wonderful things.
If you follow along with me dear reader, you will see some glimpses of me and my journey and uncover some small mysteries about This Enigmatic Angel.

Come travel with me!

Angel :)

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drakor66 said...

Well said my dear

Angel said...

Thank you, my friend.
I appreciate your feed-back. :)