Monday, March 31, 2008

Mystress Lady Evyl: A Dash Of Vanilla, A Dusting of Kink, And So Much More

Isn't life just funny sometimes?

Lately I've been experiencing a dislocation in time and space as I've been discovering people I knew in the vanilla world also have a taste for fetish, bdsm and other wickedly wonderful things.

A case in point: my very good friend, Mystress Lady Evyl .

We met during some great and fun activities in the vanilla world and it's been a pleasure to make her acquaintance and share more than a few laughs and good times.

Due to a funny chain of events, we recently discovered that both of us were into BDSM in a big way, much to my delight. How was I to know that one of my vanilla friends happened to also be a new and hot up-and-coming Dominatrix? Simply wonderful, I thought.

Lady Evyl is indeed a blonde bombshell whose beauty and wicked wit has captivated more than a few (probably a multitude) of slave applicants. There is just something about her deliciously *Evyl* laugh and wicked blue eyes that draws in those thirsting subs dying to serve this blonde beauty...;)

Well, good luck to all candidates as Lady Evyl is notoriously picky and selective.
Ah but I am sure if you might be lucky enough to be considered, you will be thrilled in serving someone who is such a natural and delightfully dominant Domme.

Angel :)

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Lady Evyl said...

How can you write a blog about me and not let me know...and make me sound so difficult and picky? OK you know very me well lol.

You are too kind and I am SO HAPPY this series of events has help us bond so quickly and intensely.

Lady Evyl

Angel said...

Well, it was meant as a special little surprise for you, my dear.

I thought it would help you weed out the unworthy wannabe slaves by saying that you are selective. Which is only the truth, n'est-ce-pas? :)

Yes, I am also treasuring our friendship and all that we have been sharing together. It means more than I can say.

Big kisses from me as well,
Angel :)