Saturday, December 12, 2009

The Enigmatically Spiritual Submissive

What an odd title, no?

Well spiritual things have been on my mind lately, specifically in the BDSM/kinky arena.

There are always these small bursts where sub candidates all seem to apply at the same time. And I make my careful and patient way through them. Oh yes it does take patience.

Patience, because in my mind’s eye I know exactly what kind of sub or slave I want to dominate. It has nothing whatsoever to do with physical type. Rather, it’s so much more to do with the spirit. Their spiritual side, in a way. I’ve never been interested in the odd kinky play that is the BDSM equivalent of a one night stand. I want more, much more than that. But of course it starts with a beginning. The path to finding that special sub with just the right spirit can be a bumpy path. But if my kinky eye catches that special glimpse of the quality person I seek – ah for them I will be very, very patient.

How would I describe this special spirit I seek? It is really hard to put into words. That’s something, coming for me, who values words over gold. More precious than rubies. You could say.

It’s a certain mindset. Either it’s there…or it’s not. Mind you, I’ve come across some fool’s gold in my time. Something that might look bright, shiny and promising at first glance. But then revealed as dull and unoriginal in the harsh morning light. And I’m not one to be bedazzled easily. It takes so very much for me to give that all so important second glance.

So I’ve had a couple of interesting candidates cross my path. Whether anything works out, ah no matter. I am well ready to be disappointed, but open-minded enough to explore and probe the potential of these submissive candidates, to see what may come of them.

Ah that special spirit. A quiet strength. A grace. Soulfulness expressed, even in silence. The yearning to learn, to be taught, shaped and molded. The need for pain. The need to be transported. It is an alchemic process, this. Taking the lead and shaping it into valuable matter.

It just takes the proper dash of the vital ingredient: spirit.

The sub that captures and captivates me must demonstrate spirit. I want no dull lines copy/pasted to every Domme in the universe. I want a creative soul who is attracted to ME and my essence alone. It’s most easy and difficult to ascertain what my unique essence is like. Many have been mistaken or simply not seen at all. I am She, the unique She, who offers an elegant domination for the soul, the spirit. She Who Must be Obeyed. She With Her Eternal Wisdom. She of The Enigmatic Mind. She, The Enigmatic Soul Shaper.

I will shape you. If you are worthy. If you show me the grace of your movements and soul. I will shape you into whatever toy or tool I wish. I will shape your thoughts until they are filled with Me. I will shape you into the submissive that will crave and beg for my touch, my punishments and rewards. I will shape you with pain. I will shape you with tenderness. I will shape you into my creature. I will shape you into the you, you have the potential to be.

I will shape you, sweet spirit. Sweet soul.

Prove yourself worthy of my shaping process.

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Lady Evyl said...

Can so very relate as well in my personal search. Alchemy is a great word to describe the relationship

Angel said...

@Lady Evyl:

Yes, we all have our own path to tread. Not easy at times.

And we are all great alchemists.
The problem is finding the right base metal to begin with.

Liras said...

Yes, so true.

And there you go, taking away all the good reasons for a kinky one-nighter. Naughty Angel.

Angel said...


Far be it from me to discourage people from having kinky one-nighters.

Everyone enjoys their own brand of naughty fun, after-all.

Angel ;)