Monday, December 7, 2009

An Enigmatically Gagalicious Fetish

It was an odd thing the way this just struck me.

Anyone who knows me, knows I dislike following the mainstream.
My taste is the alternative layer of the alternative layer, multiplied.

But a sound and a vision slipped through and snuck in.
I was fascinated and drawn in, almost against my will.
It was like witnessing and being in a car crash at the same time.
And still wanting more.

Two words, simply put: Lady Gaga.

I love her videos, her creative vision, her ridiculously catchy, contagious and absurd beats and lyrics.

She's crazy. She's weird. She's fascinating.
The fetish gear and fetishes. The dark & kinky story lines of her music videos.

Just look at her face. Odd features. Plain if you wash away all the dramatic make-up.
But an interesting canvas.

Is she a she/he? Transgendered? A woman? Who knows.

And this Lady business.

It begs the question: Is she really into BDSM, what with the honorific title and all?

Or is she just a shrewd marketer who knew how to create her vision, make it appeal to the masses, with flirting with the deeper end?

Just for fun, I searched on Fetlife to see what fetishes and kink can be found related to her, because surely amongst the kinksters and BDSMers there are the ones who worship at the Haus of Gaga.

Yes kinky folks she is on FetlIfe!! She's here.
That's if she turned back the clock (all of 18 years old) and moved to Rio.

Oh and other fun gagalicious-related FetLife stuff:

One Fetlife Group:

OMFG... I just fucked Lady Gaga: A survivor's support group..

Two gagalicious fetishes:
And if you want to LIVE in Gaga:
Long live the kinky Gaga saga!

Here is something I never do.
I am posting a video with this, just because.
The video is simply gagalicious and must be.

Kinky kisses,

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