Sunday, November 29, 2009


whispered in my ear
teased my skin and smiled
connected my dots in new, unusual ways

stopped by to say hello and said don’t be a stranger
shared a sexy joke
gave me that look and then walked away

wants to be my intimate new best friend
says it doesn’t have to mean anything
turns my head at passing women and men

pops up where you least expect it
whips up an interesting mélange of vanilla and kink
gives me that déjà-vu sense right in that spot

laughs when I take it too seriously
laughs when I don’t take it seriously enough
wants to be my Mistress and slave at the same time

enters like it owns the joint
leaves me literally hanging on the line
makes me forget to breathe

is back in town and don’t you know it.


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Sexy Sixty said...

Love this... so true as well!

JuLiet said...

that was remarkable. i have been visited by 'her' as well, many times!

Angel said...

@ Sexy Sixty & JuLiet:

I thought I had already replied to your lovely comments - my bad.

Happy that lust brought some more delightful companions to my enigmatic space.

Do *come* again!

Angel ;)