Friday, May 1, 2009


where does it begin?
where does it end?

dangerous beginnings

oh that adrenalin rush
setting off the mad synapses of your brain
snapping snapping snapping
the twisted circuitry
that just does not want to short out

the high that climbs higher
oh it climbs higher
can it go higher
oh it just went higher
higher than the limits of your imagination
a thing you thought impossible

and you love it
you own it
you are the moment
you say this is enough
you say i can take this
you say who cares about tomorrow

but there is a tomorrow

and there will be a tomorrow

when the circuitry breaks down
when the body rush dies down
when the daisy chain of pleasure & pain breaks down

and that is the dangerous end

and this is just a story i am telling you
and this is also real.

***Angel May 1, 2009

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selkie said...

Angel, this is brilliant. so utterly true.

Liras said...

Very very true.

Esp about the crash.

Angel said...

Thank you, selkie.
You´re too kind. :)

Thank you Liras.
Well, it takes one who knows what the crash is like, to write about it, no? :)

Liras said...

You are right again, EA.

Keep going, don't stop.