Friday, May 8, 2009

An Enigmatic Taste

Who is being dominated?
Who is dominating?
You guess.

I love blurring lines. Messing with perspectives, skewing them. Nudging this. Pushing that.

Pushing limits. Reality, fantasy, reality-based fantasy & fantasy-based reality.

I love describing up from the down view. Peeking sideways while pointing to the back.

Playing with the now like it´s plasticine, elastic. Something earthy to be shaped and flung into the future, with a slice of the past.

Sometimes I write from both the dominant and submissive views at the same time. Really.

And my mind flows into both, in the same time & space. I´ve done that in my writing. In the vanilla world. In the BDSM-flavoured universe.

Sometimes I just love being a Switch.

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Shadow XIII said...

You see, thats why I like about Switches that are not afraid to be who they are.
It is great to be able to let go and go as you please and be yourself.
I read a lot of stuff about Dom(me)s that are not willing to really accept themselves for fear of judgement from others. A Dom is a Dom and a sub a sub, and a Switch a switch.

I decided to follow your blog, because of this thread. I'm sure it will be interesting to read. A different point of view from an enigmatic Angel!!

Angel said...

Hi Shadow,

Well you make things sound so
But my path to becoming & being a Switch has been anything but easy.

But I do love being a Switch & it just feels right to me. To quote Popeye:
¨I ´yams whats I ams, and dats all that I 'yams¨. :)

I do enjoy writing about my switchy path & more shall be revealed.

I´m happy that this post brought you here & that you decided to follow my blog.

Thanks for the comment & your feed-back is most welcome.

Angel :)

Liras said...

You do make it sound like a rollicking, jolly good time!

Angel said...

¨You do make it sound like a rollicking, jolly good time!¨

Well you just summed up what fun being a Switch is, Liras! :D

finbar said...

i like you, write from both the Dominate and the submissive perspective, but unlike you, my submissive perspective is purely creative.

i envy you sometimes that you can switch, that you can shift and see things from both sides equally. that you can understand and sympathise with both the Dominate and the submissive perspective.

i, i am limited to just the Dominate view, limited yes, but it fits, and im comfortable in it.

Liras said...

And I am all about summing up the fun!