Thursday, April 2, 2009

The Montreal Erotic Art Festival: Now Accepting Submissions

Hello Kinksters!

I thought I would share this with you all, an interesting festival sponsored by the Conseil des arts du Québec.

Festival d'art Érotique de Montréal
2e édition
The Montreal Erotic Art Festival
2nd Edition

Deadline for submission of artwork: June 1st, 2009
Dates for Festival: August 13-16, 2009

Thought some of you might want to submit your erotic works!

Angel :)


Here is a bit about the
Quebec Arts Council, from their website:

The Quebec Arts Council is a great jumpstart for the arts scene and an excellent way to enliven our culture in all its form and in every possible way.

The Quebec Arts Council is meant to bring people together. It wants to create partnerships with groups and different leaders in the arts industry such as creators from different trends and disciplines as well as producers and distributors who can bring our culture where it has never gone before.

The Quebec Arts Council is a non-profitable and non-governmental organization.

Hello. Are you an artist? Visual arts, music, literature, theatre and more? We create events. We introduce artists so they can be recognized and sell their artwork, music or writings. You could perhaps benefit from our resources; our door is always opened.

Let us know about your projects. We are currently looking for artists in all fields to fill in exhibition and show slots that were offered to us.

And, of course, we are always looking for new original ideas to present art in a different light.

Call for Entries
All disciplines

2nd Edition
The Montreal Erotic Art Festival aims to: Establish an annual event in Montreal
that celebrates human creativity, sexuality and beauty.

Promote Montreal’s culture, diversity, performers and rich talents.

The Quebec Art Council is looking for artists
that want to explore Them within the field of:


Deadline for Entries: June, 1st, 2009

Event Dates
August, 13th to 16th, 2009


The Quebec Arts Council is a non-profit and non-governmental organization.

Jennifer-Lee Barker
Jacques Rivest
514 - 347 - 6910


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