Saturday, March 7, 2009

An Enigmatic Angel Returns

It seems that a few people have been wondering where I disappeared to, since I haven´t been blogging often these past few months.

In the immortal words of the lovely Miss Susan who was in town recently from Toronto: ¨Where the fuck have you been???¨

Well that just about cracked me up. :)

So I thought I would write a bit about where in the wide blue yonder I went to...and my place in this wonderful kinky universe of ours, going forward.

In 2008, I decided to take a kinky sabbatical from public bdsm/fetish events.

The last event I attended was last summer´s Kinky Festival. Alas, I decided to forgo the Fetish Weekend, as I had planned and hosted a photographic road trip that weekend. Truth be told, it felt so good to be away, and I thoroughly enjoyed the leisurely drive through the wine country of the Eastern Townships. It was a great recharger.

In the Spring & Summer of 2008, I attended many, many bdsm/fetish events in town, both on a public & semi-public level. It was great fun to satisfy my curiosity about the public scene. Even though I´ve been playing in private these last 11 years or so, I only attended a few public events through-out the years. My play partner had no interest in those events, so I went on my own with a friend or two. But I always had this curiosity, to see what the public scene was all about.

Becoming a Switch also played a role in my deciding to explore the public scene.

But then one day in August 2008, I decided to bow out for awhile.

My preference has been & will always be playing in private. Although my voyeuristic side is fascinated by the full spectrum of Dominant, submissive & Switch players - and all the variations in between - I prefer to play discretely. In private. Many of the submissive candidates who have wanted to serve me just didn´t get this. I had so many offers from would-be submissives who wanted to be displayed, played with and humiliated at the various venues in town. But it´s all about what I want. Any submissive who craves the spotlight has been soon dispatched elsewhere by me.

Since August, I decided to submerge myself in the demands of vanilla life that required my attention. Things like looking for work & starting a new job. And then my PC crashed in November. The last few months, I had my hands busy with my new job & the many, many activities I organize in my vanilla life. Since August of 2008, I hosted 22 real-time events for my websites. Yes, it´s been rather busy on that front. I usually host a minimum of 2 events per month, but some months have been busier than that.

But lately, I´ve been having the urge to go back to exploring public & other bdsm/events in town.

So I´ve been slowly going back into that wonderfully kinky universe. Touching base with my FetLife friends. And also recently considering the application of a very interesting submissive candidate.

My return to kinky things was kick-started recently by a fantastically fun Kinky Girls Night Out hosted by my good friend the ever gracious & gorgeous Lady Evyl, and it consisted of a special dinner in honour of Miss Susan, who I met for the first time. Miss Susan was one of the first friends I had made when I had first joined FetLife last year. And it was delightful finally meeting her & chatting and meeting with a gang of other beautiful ladies: EmJ, Ms V, Mistress Naughty, sourriiii and August Joy. Oh it was just too much wicked fun. It made me think about how very much I have missed that. The social contact with people in the scene. Catching up with friends. Making new ones. That´s one of the best things about being connected with people in our Kinky Universe. And that was the reason I decided to branch out by going to more public events. Friendship. With fellow kinky kindred spirits. What a special and precious thing that is.

Oh and by the way? I finally have internet working again at home. Yay for that, kinky folks! So you will be hearing more from me, from the kinky front. And that is my kinky universe update.

Kinky kisses,

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selkie said...

Angel, I know I was wondering myself ... but am also cognizant that real life often must and should take precedence! I truly enjoyed reading this; you sound very much like me -d. had always preferred private play but I always felt there should be a place to meet friends and enjoy public events (to a LIMITED extent, i'm not inteterested in public play). It IS good to see your 'voice' here though. Iknow that once or twice I saw Lady Evyl mention you so I knew all was technically well with you!

Hopefully, on one of my "commutes" to montreal to visit my mum, we can all meet up for coffee or a drink!

Angel said...

Ah dear selkie, you know you´ve been on my mind lately?

I´m happy to hear that we share a common view view about private play. That did not surprise me at all. :)

Public events are very good for the spirit. Only playing in private without that social aspect can be very....isolating at times. Which was why I was super happy to make some kinky kindred yourself & finbar.

I would love to meet up with you any time you´re in town.

Just give us a shout.

Angel :)