Thursday, July 17, 2008

Traces of love, Traces of pain

i stalked through the streets of the Plateau
following the spoor of a prey
only my eyes
and the eyes of my camera could see

i love uncovering the secrets of Montreal this way
shooting and framing it for my pleasure
exposing something only my eye spots
in a sea of overflowing stimuli

traces of love

the traces of love called to me, beckoned
a curious stamp on different textured surfaces
stone, wood, brick – anywhere there was a small free space
a bleeding heart that smudged
when quickly and surreptitiously
onto the walls
by the nimble hands of the graffiti artist

bam bam bam
love love love was here
and is now gone

Who was the lover?
and who was the beloved?

my camera continued to follow the trail

hoping for more clues
capturing the evidence

traces of pain

all along the same stretch of funky boutiques, used book and cd shops
and other arty little curiosities
i found a twin trail following the love

the trail of pain
a shocking spray paint gash of a band-aid
covering what i wondered
band-aid after band-aid after band-aid
i captured all these jewelled badges
this gaudy rainbow of pain
the trail of pain crying out
for just a kiss

to make it all better

a week later

i head back to the scene
to check what happened to the traces

the traces of pain
being made of a more stubborn substance
remain in their flashy glory

the traces of love
have been washed away
by an uncaring hand
who only saw
the ugliness of insidious art
and not the tenderness of the hand
that had created it

time passes

one day, much to my surprise
i find a band-aid slashing a wall
just around the corner
from where i live

oh yes there is pain here
and somehow the pain knew
it would be welcome
close to home.

*** Angel

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f-cynyr said...

Angel, i loved the poems, as a group they flow together so well.
i know where of you speak, i grew up in Montreal, in point st. charles, then n.d.g., and finally the west island. Montreal still holds a very special place in my soul.

the series of poems, are well titled, and some of the lines are just brilliant, and wonderful.
"following the spoor of a prey
only my eyes
and the eyes of my camera could see"
great line!!

"a bleeding heart that smudged"
that fragment is so evocative.!!

"this gaudy rainbow of pain"
again so evocative, and rich.!!

"the traces of pain
being made of a more stubborn substance"

again what a wonderful image.

thank you i really enjoyed this read.

Angel said...

Ah finbar, thank you so much for your kind words on my poem.

Coming from you, that is quite the compliment.

Angel :)