Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Changing Cravings For Pain: A Survey

The Effect Of Pain On The Body - Long Term

This is something that has been on my mind quite a bit these last few months, and wanted to hear some opinions on the subject.

Burning questions for your consideration:
  1. For those of you into pain, have you noticed any changes in your pain tolerance as time goes on?
  2. As time goes on, do you find yourself craving more pain? Or less?
  3. What is the effect long-term of physical punishment on the body?
  4. For those who have years of experience, has your tolerance for pain grown...or diminished?
  5. What other factors affect one's tolerance for pain?
  6. What other factors affect one's craving and desire for pain?
I was talking to a fellow Switch at a Kinky BBQ I attended recently on the subject of pain. Judging from the scars he showed me on his face and body, this was someone who did have a good tolerance for pain. After the play session he had there, he mentioned how good it felt to feel the pain again and how much he had missed it, since it had been quite some time since he had experienced pain on a regular basis.

I myself definitely have a taste for pain, on both sides of the equation. Lately I have been finding my tolerance seems to have diminished, to my dismay. I don't know if this is just a temporary aberration happening for some reason. It made me wonder if the body stores a sense memory in the tissues and that perhaps at some point it becomes too sensitized. Is this possible?

Yet on the other hand, I was also talking to some Dominants (at the same Kinky BBQ) about how some people develop "leather asses", who require higher and higher levels of pain to be delivered on their bodies to be able to actually feel the pain.

Lots of food for thought.


I would appreciate any comments and feed-back on this subject!

Please enter comments on this post or send me private messages via my Contact The Enigmatic Angel link.

Angel :)

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Ellie said...

I do find that in general my tolerance for pain and the amount that I can take and want to receive has significantly increased.

Angel said...


Thanks for chiming in on my pain survey!

I was wondering - do you experience pain on a regular basis? That seems to be a deciding factor on pain levels from what I can see from some people.

Angel :)

Will said...

Thanks for the visit to my blog.
(as far as pain goes, I'd say, I hav a pretty high tolerance for it.)

I've had my bottom blistered more than a few times.

Admittedly, switching can be very rewarding in the pain department.

(however, I use the word, "rewarding" with guardedness: The pleasure, wasn't exactly, an end result...[Well. I asked for it!])

The sex, that followed, was amazing~and, my spanker, found herself with a rosy bottom, soon enough!:)

happy Sugasm!

Angel said...


Thanks for your comments.
They're....fascinating. :)

Now you have me being a little curious about you. Tried to find an "about me" section on your blog, but didn't see one. Are you on FetLife?

Thanks for reading my blog...and for commenting.

It's much appreciated!

Angel :)