Sunday, July 6, 2008

My First Ever Fetish Photography Shoot & Other Wonderful Things

model: Anastasia

Capturing The Essence Of BDSM

Last Friday night at Club Sin was quite the eventful evening in many different ways.

But one of the greatest things that happened was being able to shoot a play scene, my first ever fetish photography shoot.

And it was hot! And challenging! And just one of those wonderful spontaneous things that happen in life that just make your day…really!

Ever since I picked up a new digital camera a few months ago, I’ve been itching to try my hand at fetish photography. Now this is something new and challenging to me on many different levels. I’ve been shooting for years for fun with my manual SLR and love to try new things. Fetish Photography isn’t just new as a niche for me…it’s new as a perspective as well. You see, what I usually shoot is architecture. And textures. So basically – objects. This year, I’ve started to explore shooting people more. So I have been learning about the particular demands and challenges of shooting human flesh. And recently I started combining my love of photography with my love of bdsm and fetish things. Why not? It’s double the pleasure, after-all.

So when my good and wonderfully wicked friend Lady Evyl took some rope and tied up Anastasia, a very sweet submissive, to the cage at
Club Sin, I asked if I could shoot them and happily was granted my first shot at shooting live-action bdsm play.

Both my photographic subjects are lovely in their own way and I wanted to capture their inner and outer essence with my camera’s eye. Somehow the world shrank to a very small microcosm in that moment. The world around receded in the distance and I was only aware of the beauty that unfolds when a sublime scene is played out. It’s such an intricate dance of sight and sound and shadows that creates an intriguing spell on the mind. How to capture that feeling such a scene evokes? That was my challenge that I eagerly explored in a seemingly never-ending moment.

One thing I have always loved as a photographer is pushing my own limits. I love to see what is different and special in a frame. Where some people capture colours, I capture shapes. I know I have a tendency to shoot in a very macro way. It’s the details that pop out for me. The rope tenderly curled around a pale, delicate wrist. A firm hand striking vulnerable flesh. A sublime smile lost in space. A dash of red from a flogger landing on shiny red fabric stretching over barely covered flesh. Just some small things that my eye catches on and makes me dream. So many possibilities.

As a first-time experience, I was truly delighted. Not because what I shot was perfection. But because I pushed myself to try something new and learned so much about myself and a new form of photography in the process. That was a precious gift to me that also served to give me a hint of future things to explore.

There were many challenges I learned to shooting that night, in that space.
They included:

- dealing with the low lighting of a place like
Club Sin, especially with the restrictions of my camera equipment. No wonder the professional photographers at Club Sin look like they are loading up for bear with all the tons of gear they need to shoot in that light!

- shooting a play scene while people play, so as not to distract them in the moment.

- shooting a play scene in a public space, with other people and objects around.

- shooting around a very tight and restricted physical space with a limited number of angles.

So basically, there were many restrictions in shooting a scene like that, I discovered. But at the same time, it was an exhilarating adrenalin rush to shoot something special like that. I loved it! I wanted more! I definitely want to shoot more bdsm/fetish stuff and see where I can go with it. The live action thing alone was something challenging that I discovered I loved. So I will have to find more opportunities to learn and explore this new dimension and add to my photographic knowledge and repertoire.

What a delightful experience and how grateful I was to have two such stimulating and beautiful subjects for my first fetish photography shoot!

For those who are curious about what I shot, I will be uploading more pics to my private picture folder.


As for the rest of my evening at
Club Sin, there were some very interesting developments that crossed my path. Maybe it is because of my photographer’s eye, but I so very much enjoy observing human behaviour. It’s an endlessly fascinating thing to watch the subtle dance that is a Fetish Night. So many small things that most people miss. Like noticing those who behave in a respectful manner…and those who don’t. It’s easy to spot the clueless of course. They are usually the men who proposition woman after woman only to be shot down, with little success.

But it’s mostly a wonderful thing to greet old friends and meet new people.
The expected and unexpected delights.

There were 2 people that I was very happy to meet, after having exchanged messages with each in different circumstances. Master Richard and his submissive Tallulah were in town from the U. K. and it was my pleasure to meet them in person for the first time. They were easily the most elegantly dressed couple in the Club and I was happy to chat with them for a brief moment.

I also had the unexpected pleasure of meeting and chatting with the lovely and gracious Contessa Alura, after having crossed paths with her on FetLife. She was there with her mother, who was visiting from out of town and I thought that was just too cool having a mom who would be open to going to a Fetish Night!

I also had a wonderful time hanging out with my friends at the Club and chatting with other people I already knew and had met in the past.

A great time was had all around at
Club Sin, yet again.

Angel :)

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Lady Evyl said...

Great photo shoot my evyl and wicked friend. Hope to get the rest by email soon :-P

Spanking OTK said...

Hello i like your blog. If you like we could exchange links betwen our blogs. Let me know!!!


Angel said...

@ Lady Evyl
Glad you enjoyed the photo shoot...and enjoyed the rest of the pics I sent you. ;)

@Spanking OTK
I added your blog link to my tasty list, feel free to add mine.
Angel :)

Miss Honey said...

Oh... so fun to share this with you. Love the photo, very sexy.

Will said...

You've a good eye, while behind the camera and in front of it. This must have been a great experience/shoot.

Enjoyed reading this. I'd love to see some more of those photos.

Cheers, & happy Sugasm!


Adult Sex Toys Rep - said...

Angel this is the kinda stuff i love to read. I can't get enough of this a day in the life kinda thing. I love it and the fact that its linked to something i like , which is sex and sexual a big thanks for writing this it is a great read. And i hope you keep posting. I love the blog and the work you do. Thanks again.