Monday, February 15, 2010


It's an interesting topic, no?

Yes, it's been on my mind a lot lately.

In some ways, I have been very blessed, when it comes to trust.
I've played with someone for years now with whom I share a complete trust.

But I have come across oh so many before and since, of the other kind.

Safe. sane and consensual.
Now does that apply to truth? Or half-truths?
You tell me.

There are so many half-truths and outright fabrications when people treat with desire that it simply boggles my mind sometimes.

I am so very grateful that there is someone special who has my trust.
So many...just don't.

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Lady Evyl said...


Shadow13 said...

Somewhere, somehow, one got in his head that not telling the whole truth (half-thruth) is not a lie.

When you witheld information from someone that is vital to make sure that you get what you want...its called a lie!

SSC is the key. It is simple to obtain. Honesty, communication and respect.

ta da!


had a great time last thursday! ;)

Angel said...

What was that...?
Were you laughing? lol

"Honesty, communication and respect."

I really liked that.
And I would really enjoy branding those words into some people's flesh. hehe

Yes Thursday was a blast!

Angel :)