Saturday, February 20, 2010

a silvery kiss of pain

a night at the loft
long ago
when i earned
my one & only
loft mark

i had stood admiring
a blurry blend of spinning sticks
and silvery-steel stars

i took a fascinated closer look
when the sticks
ground down
to a halt

and then

suddenly a quick bright flash
and a silvery star
suddenly cut
deep into my flesh

oh naughty boy
how did you know
how did you know I wanted a taste
how did you know I wanted a taste of that pain

and what a deliciously sharp pain
oh too sharp
oh too tasty
beautiful painful blossoming
kissing my skin

my instinct
made me push
against it
deeper, harder, sharper
I wanted it

claiming the pain blossom
for a deeper moment
deeper into my flesh
and mind

for a moment
I flew
climbed the lightening
bright bite of it
higher and higher
oh yes higher

in real-time
it lasted perhaps
a nanosecond
in my brain
it rolled through me
for days and days

I fluttered up
up up and away
up out of my head
somewhere deep inside

I looked down
from a dizzy great height
with amusement
at the silvery star mark
left on my arm

my inattendu loft-marking
that made me smile
for days.


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Spanking photo blog said...

Hello, you have a very nice blog here!



Angel said...

Mille grazie, Enzo!
Thanks for stopping by.

I like the concept for your own blog:
A spanking a day keeps the doctor away, as they say. hehe

Angel :)