Saturday, August 23, 2008 The Enigmatic Angel's New Home Away From Home

A ***NEW*** BDSM Haven for BDSM Bloggers

Recently, my good friend Lady Evyl decided to start up a new and exciting project: is a new site featuring an exciting and eclectic group of kinky, fetish and bdsm bloggers.

Well, when my good friend invited me to join this exciting new concept -
how could I say no?

It's just TOO tempting! :)

There are so many sites for sex bloggers out there but where can you find a site that welcomes an amalgamation of the kinkiest and most diverse bloggers out there?

So, I will be hanging out at from time to time.

You'll see me cross-posting some posts from this blog, but I will also be writing content only to be found on, my new virtual home away from home. :)

Check out my first post there:
Kinky Sex Link: A Kinky Haven For Kinky Bloggers

Come and check it out....the water's warm, kinky folks!

Angel :)

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finbar said...

angel, i keep clicking on the link, for and it keeps taking me to a commercial sex toy page. i"m sure that this is not the page you are talking about in your blog.

just thought you should know.

Angel said...


Hi there my friend.

Well actually Lady Evyl is doing some work on the site - so the site is down temporarily. It should be back up in a day or two.

Stay tuned!

Angel :)

Mystress Lady Evyl said...

Hi Angel and finbar,

As contributors know I had to change the pointed servers which means the site will be down for 2 days. And since my main hosting account is that toy company that is where the link is redirecting.

No worries we will be back better then ever in 2 days. it was a tough decision but we decided better now then later.

Lady Evyl

Angel said...

The link is working now!

Thanks Lady Evyl. :)