Thursday, April 21, 2011



we are all freaks
getting our freak on
whatever groove
whatever flavour
whatever kink
we are what we are

taste it
love to it
move to it

there is no right or wrong
there is no up or down
there is just what was meant to be
there is just what we were meant to see

the slick the rubbery the decadent
whatever and wherever it takes you
it’s all good
it’s all bad
and it’s you and me and everyone
daring to try
daring to flash
daring to differ
daring to slip and slide into the dark side and then some

we are all freaks
born this way.


Sometimes when I write, I have a soundtrack playing inside or outside my head.

This poem was inspired by La Gaga's latest freaky offering,
Born This Way. :)


Anonymous said...

Nasty & Sexy, love it!

Liras said...

We are what we are. But sometimes, we are not yet what glorious thing we will become. :D